2 Billion Beats – Deep Fried Northern
1 Factories & Pistons
2 She’s Into Voodoo
3 Top Gun Ghetto Blaster

The boys from Manchester are back with their second EP of forward thinking house music for Paper following up their critically acclaimed debut release, the Musica Alfresco EP which has championed by Toby Tobias, Pete Herbert, Mic Newman and Justin Robertson.

First up, Factories & Pistons gets stuck in with a driving bassline, chunky drums, analogue washes and 80s attitude. It’s a builder that ratchets up the tension before breaking with a classic house synth riff

She’s Into Voodoo carries on with the 80s feel, using spooky lead lines over a distorted bass riff. As with all things 2 Billion Beats, the arrangement is designed to keep the dancefloor moving with subtle changes, breaks, drops and plenty of counter melodies.

Finally, Top Gun Ghetto Blaster takes things down a notch or two. Synths are still at the forefront, making it deep and electronic bit with a warmth that comes from the fact that they are both damn fine young men!

Jim Baron (Crazy P) – Factories & Pistons is bleedin’ HUGE!

James Teej – What a refreshing EP, really really nice work on this. Full support.

Seth Troxler – Thanks!

Futureboogie – Loving all of this, will play the lot.

Pete Herbert – Top dancefloor tackle once more! Great work!

Ryan Cavanagh – This sounds really strong! Solid release.

Drop Out Orchestra – Love the Voodoo track, going straight into tonight’s playlist.

Severino Panzetta (Horsemeat Disco) – Top Gun is the one for me.