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Memoirs from Norway’s underground dance pioneers: Joakim Haugland #9

Travelling around Norway in the Spring is a fantastic experience. During my trip in 2013, we hooked up with the key movers and shakers involved in forming the country’s house and disco scenes. I was lucky enough to touch down in Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø, and many weird and beautiful places in the surrounding areas. […]

The Boogie Brothers feat. SATO – Let Go

Now and again, something lands at Paper Towers and the only option is to clear the decks and get it out as soon as possible. The Boogie Brothers’ Let Go feat. SATO is one such track. It was cooked up by Japan-based Julian Brennan and Cal Gibson (The Secret Soul Society) as a live disco […]

Paper Tag Team # 3

Third times a charm so they say, well we’re putting that to the test with our latest edition of the Paper Tag team mix series. Originally dreamt up during lockdown as our alternative take to the DJ live stream but with multiple jocks playing 3 tracks each, where their first track was the previous DJ’s […]

Memoirs from Norway’s underground dance pioneers: Geir Jenssen #8

This video was unearthed on our travels during 2016, the tape was actually found in a skip after a studio clearance, was rescued and digitised. Some of it makes the cut! Director/interviewer: Casper Evensen Commissioned & Produced: R&S Records Location: Lysverket Studios, Tromsø, Norway. Date: circa 1994/95   Casper Evensen (CE): Is isolation something that […]

Oddio Factory – The Prophet Video

Sounds of a Parisian style are the flavour on this release from the duo known as Oddio Factory. If house music with a touch if the cinematic is your thing, then this one delivers in spades. The Prophet boasts full on throbbing low-end action alongside some serious John Carpenter style Arp work and pads in […]

ThrillHammer – Heart Throbbing Lover – Part II

Not content with dropping one of our stand out releases of 2020, ThrillHammer return with a top shelf selection of remixes for Heart Throbbing Lover, including a house legend that has been on the Paper’s bucket list since we started in 1994. That legend is Eric Kupper, who leads the charge with a classic NYC […]

Robodisco – 1999

We have unearthed some rare footage of Robodisco in 1999 and it is the time Soane tore the roof off Planet K. The Paper crew were out in full effect, with a few early doors liveners in the Briton’s Protection before hitting the venue where Erik Rug warmed up and Soane took over… things get […]

Paper Talk

Paper Talk launched in January 2021 is now well under way.  It is a long-form podcast with Paper’s Ben Davis chatting to his musical heroes and friends about their careers and finding out what makes them tick with lots of conversational meanders along the way. #1 – Bill Brewster #2 – Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy #3 – Christopher […]

Paper DJ Tag Team # 2

  The Paper DJ Tag Team #2 has landed. 3 tracks each, mixing into the previous DJs to create a non-stop, disco dancing & boogie enhancing alternative take on the live stream. Selectors this time round come in the form of Chris Massey with a few celeb pals who don’t move much, BB & Richie […]