Best of Paper 2020 – Flash Atkins Mix

While 2020 has been a massive shit sandwich with no ketchup, its been a great for music and let’s not forget that the orange lunatic got told to pack his toys and move on….see ya.
Its been a vintage year for us too us too as Paper Wave got in to its stride with brilliant albums from Popsneon, Stubb and The Secret Soul Society along with a flurry of downtempo beauties. Paper Recordings signed their first African artist in Camblom Subaria and the US represented with Mr. Tea, ThrillHammer and Ryan Kick. Paper Disco knocked it out the park with Anoraak, James Rod and Trash The Wax Vol. 8 while Denmark and New Zealand went head to head with Kennedy and Jahn Solo.
Flash Atkins dusted off his controller and blended it all for this end of year mix to see in to 2021 where we’re headed for the light. And just wait to see what we’ve got lined up for 2021….ooooooooooooooft!
Paper x

1. Sirius Rush – Water (Popsnen Mix)
2. Stubb – We Are Launching feat. Jane Weaver
3. The Secret Soul Society – My Exstasy
4. The Secret Soul Society – Don’t Walk Away
5. Coyote – The Igigi Gods Dub
6. BOM – Moon of Endor
7. Picotriopico – Threescodisome
8. Martin Wold – Elixer
9. Anoraak – Fire Inside (Emperor Machine Maxi Edit)
10. De L’Ivresse – Field River
11. From Beyond – Planetary Groove
12. BOM – The Day
13. 2 Billion Beats – Beats of No Nation
14. Jahn Solo – It’s My House
15. The Secret Soul Society – In The Dark
16. James Rod – Belong City
17. Mr Tea – Dramatic Entrance
18 – Popsneon – This Town Forever
20. Coyote – Finally…House
21. Ryan Kick – All That We Do
22. ThrillHammer – Heart Throbbing Lover (Synthe Tigers Vocal Remix)
23. Danny Russell & Ronald Christoph – Future’s Gonna Get You
24. Kennedy – Who Rocks 89
25. Stubb – Haven Wood

Stubb – Canopy

Paper label boss Ben Davis has been DJing and producing for over twenty five years, most recently as the failed superhero Flash Atkins, whose music has rocked the boxes of Andrew Weatherall, Horse Meat Disco, Bill Brewster, Gilles Peterson, Bjørn Torske and countless others.

As his musical tastes have widened with age and sonic wisdom, so have his productions, beating a path to the Stubb project. 2019 saw two limited edition 12’s featuring Jane Weaver, Tunng’s Mike Lindsay and Huw Costin that have gone on to become digger’s delights.

Now the deep, cosmic and left-of-centre debut album ‘Canopy’ arrives, taking influence from dub, Africa, psychedelia, soundtrack, electronica, bass and Balearic. Found sounds infuse the album, from the sonic mayhem of Varanasi to the dawn chorus in Haven Wood as they blend with studio wizardry, vintage analogue kit and live sessions. The result is a blurring of genres and boundaries to create the Stubb sound.

The album is themed around the concept of trees and woods offering a safe haven in these time of climate catastrophe, offering refuge, wisdom, comfort, peace, shelter and solution.

Psych-folk goddess Jane Weaver provides ethereal vocals on ‘We Are Launching’, a beautiful song set to hypnotic guitar that aims straight at the stars with arpeggiators and cosmic synths.

London poet Sirius Rush weaves his themes and words through ‘On The Nature of Light’, a track of psychedelic electronica that is heavy and trippy in equal measure.

‘Love Not Sex’ features Nottingham’s Huw Costin and Rachel Foster to deliver the most blissed out Balearic track of the album. 70s folk, MOR and nu-disco can all be heard in a live track to stir the soul.

‘Instant Karma’ has Kathy Diamond singing over a throbbing sub bass, dark synths and live drums. It’s moody and soulful in equal measures.

‘Haven Woods’ freeform drums lock into a groove over a bubbling arp, vocal snippets and digital pads. Effects and synths flow in and out as the track builds to reach a crescendo of joy and intensity.

Philopappos features Leilani singing in her native Japanese over distorted guitars, heavy snares, a pinch of dubstep, clouds of drone and rave synth to top things off nicely.

‘Boring Days’ puts Tunng’s Mike Lindsay through the studio mangler and presses the button named ‘digidub’, injecting reggae bass, Balearic synths and lots of delay, delay, delay.

You’d think Stubb couldn’t get any deeper when ‘Galleons Lap’ and its analogue bass and broken beats begin to hypnotise, cushioned with dreamy piano and wistful chord progressions.

‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ gets a full re-rub with shimmering percussion, Rhodes and heavy sub that takes the classic song into previously un-chartered territory.

Finally ‘The Love You Once Regret’ featuring Sylvette’s Charlie Sinclair sounds like The Cinematic Orchestra have dug their vintage synths out of the cupboard and had a bit of fun. Otherworldly and psychedelic, the rhythms and tempo climb steadily up to the end chorus as it explodes into a firework of blissful melodies.



Camblom Subaria – Warriors of the African Sun

Presenting a debut Paper release from South Africa’s Camblom Subaria who’s ‘Warriors Of The African Sun’ perfectly captures the deeper side of house music from the continent. All three tracks hypnotise and weave their spells over slowly evolving dynamics that draw you in to the psychedelic electronics.

Pauper is moody and stripped back but atmospheric as heck. Rolling beats, arps and percussion make this a perfect late night jam for lovers of Global Underground style house music. A head mangler in the best possible way.

Myth goes down a more mellow path with swirling pads and synths as the tablas and percussion take a tribal turn on this piece of druggy, trippy brilliance.

Final track War is a heads down, peak time number with a relentless synth line, soaring pads and repetitive synth marimba that although not strictly a ‘banger’, will surely blow the roof off.

Sean Johnston: “Liking this one a lot!”

Pathaan: “Love it ! DEEP sizzle…”

The Secret Soul Society: “Interesting tech-y soulful vibes…can see Myth slotting into a set nicely”

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The Secret Soul Society – Insomnia EP

So Far Down continues on the spaced-out Balearic disco path with added cosmic synths and pads. Trippy and hypnotic in equal parts with a dash of loveliness.

Boogie People keeps it in the sun with Afro style percussion and jazz stabs along with a great vocal sample about being in the discotheque. Up-tempo and swinging but still firmly in the Balearic camp.

In The Dark is straight up Yacht Rock disco vibes. Looped up good times that would devastate one of those legendary Croatian boat parties.

Doing It Right finishes things off in a stunning psychedelic style. Warped guitars, delayed vocals and dub EFX make this one for the after-after party.

Hot Toddy: “Another 5 track beaut from SSC. I Can’t Sleep and So Far Down, stand outs after 1st quick listen, but all quality”

Danielle Moore: “Gorgeous. Love this side of Paper!!! In the Dark a particular groover”

Anthony Mansfield: “Future fun!”

Doc L Junior: “Dubby, dreamy and so elegant. What a lovely release”

Get Down Edits: “Really Really Good, Boogie People is a serious piece of music!”

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Ryan Kick – Looking Back EP

Pure house music is the order of the day on this mega Paper EP debut by Burlington’s Ryan Kick. ‘Looking Back’ harks back to the old school Paper sound when deep house was actually deep house.

There are five tracks of groove ridden, stripped back club joints with each as simple and straight forward as they are infectious.

There are nods to Chicago, Detroit and NYC and the EP is destined for some serious smoke filled basements with sweaty walls and even sweatier people.

File under ‘DJ Weapons’.


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Coyote – Stages of Time


Lord of the balearic realm Coyote drop on Paper Wave with four sun bleached bombs on their ‘Stages of Time E.P.’

Illa Conillera soars like a condor over the plains with tribal-esque percussion alongside beautiful pads and synth stabs whilst off beat piano stabs and melody bring a sense of mystique.

The Igigi Gods Dub slows the pace down and goes right in with the dub reggae bass and key note stabs that would have made King Tubby proud. Blaze ’em up!

Look For The Way In keeps up the lazy hazy pace but with added Coyote infused breaks and dreamy keys.

Finally.House closes off the EP and somehow seems to incorporate acid house, classic Chicago House and elements of jacking into a balearic monster.


Juno           Traxsource         Spotify           Beatport

Kennedy & Jahn Solo – Into The Night

Proving that all good things come in 2 we’ve got a double header here with cuts by Kennedy & Jahn Solo on ‘Into The Night’.

2 tracks from each with Kennedy starting things off with the jacking disco-tactic ‘Who Rocks 89’. Bags of energy & bounce wrapped in some serious slap bass action, chika chika guitar vibes and stabby chords to create a Chic & Cameo style Disco House sandwich!

It’s My House comes from our man Jahn Solo and is a great swinging disco stomper with finger snaps, Rhodes stabs and all the hallmarks of a perfect warm up cut for those early mood setting sets.

Kennedy’s 2nd offering is Superfly, a late night thrusting pounder of house with sprinkles of disco and a killer breakdown vocal which will have them singing in the cab home long after the lights have come up!

Jahn closes the E.P. off with Night People…looped up disco/boogie business that kicks & punches in all the right places. Straight up no messing dance floor demanding tackle!

Hardway Bros: “Cheeky little numbers!”

Moodymanc: “Really diggin Night People here… cool referencing/edit!”

Fingerman: “Nice EP! Some great jams here!”

Robot 84: “tunes sounding good, liking the Edit of It’s My House”

Thrillhammer: “Solid!!!”


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Sirius Rush – Water

London poet Sirius Rush has teamed up with two of Paper Wave’s finest producers for a collaboration of beauty and depth.

Sirius Rush delivers his poem with hypnotic power and grace that is perfectly partnered by Popsneon & The Secret Soul Society. Each of their takes offers fresh insight and context to the meaning of the spoken words.

Popsneon gives the poetry an all out beatless UFOrb style electronic makeover. Trickling arps, sub, synth lines and pads draw you in to a weightless, psychedelic head-trip.

The Secret Soul Society brings a soulful summer jam. Birds, Rhodes, synth bass, subtle acid and some hazy style chords and shuffly drums make this perfect for those sunset moments.


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From Beyond – Planetary Groove


From Beyond bolts across the sky faster than a speeding star and lands back at Paper Towers with another E.P. of analogue sounding & chest pounding cuts of deep disco sounds.

Protostar turns up the squelch-o-meter to high overload with a bit off a cosmic-ness sprinkled over s topping beat that altogether sounds like a lost Emperor Machine production.

Planetary Groove goes for a bit of sleaze and chug with an accompanying funk guitar & synth stabs to give us a bit of a ‘baggy’ electronic workout…you’re twisting my melon man etc etc.

Closing off the E.P. is Time Hop in all its electrons shimmying glory. Snappy, hooky but stripped back & straight forward. Ready to work the dance floor and start a party….big stuff!

Duncan Grey: “Dynamite! All 3 tracks are top shelf. Protostar is going to take some beating in the months ahead”

Neil Diablo: “Good E.P. Planetary Groove sounds like ‘Il Veleiro on 33! Thumbs up!”

Get Down Edits: “Planetary Groove sounds great!”

Dicky Trisco: “Love it! Planetary Groove sounds like someone jamming to Jingo after taking a blast of DMT. Perfectomundo!”

Pete Herbert: “Yes superb.. Planetary Groove and Time Hop both doing it for me!”

Massey: “Massive scenes. Title track is the winner for me but all over this is a hefty strong package! Great work!”


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The Wild Army vol. 4

The army are back and its as wild as ever with Vol. 4 packing another 4 cuts from some of the newest Paper family members.

Martin Wold starts the party with a slice of Balearic disco pie on ‘Elixir’, a funk packed, hypnotic groover that has summer all over it.

The Secret Soul Society heads to the Transylvanian disco with ‘Dracula Meets The Five Sinners’, a looped up edited piece of disco brilliance. Funky & infectious in equal measures.

Jahn Solo gets in a contender for ‘mega end of the night tune’ with ‘Til The Night Closes In’, a chopped up rework of an Exile yacht rock banger.

Boblebad strip it back and keeps things understated but hot as heck on Frustrasjon, a tweaky & quirky bit of electro goodness. Sparse and atmospheric but with bags of soul and a haunting vocal stab.

Hot Toddy: “Secret Society’s cheeky mash up is pretty cool!”

Massey: “Big all over! Martin Wold just tips it for me though…amazing stuff!”

Pablo Contraband: “Great package – will play on my show!”

Fingerman: “Varied bunch of lovely tunes!”

Billy Scurry: “Great bunch of tracks. The Secret Soul Society got me running for me shoulder pads.. LOVE it!!”


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