Mr. Tea talks to Paper about his new EP and his musical influences

San Francisco’s finest, Michael Devin AKA Mr Tea, is back on Paper with another 4 track EP of the deep, aural brilliance for those who know what’s what.

  1. The Slow Reveal is a warm embrace of dusty, deep 4/4 grooves that is equal parts cosmic and deep soul. Main room, late nights or early mornings, the hook goes to the roots of ‘house is a feeling’.
  2. Shock Therapy is a much more blissed out affair and one for the psychedelic heads. Deeper dimensions get explored on this as it weaves its hypnotic spell.
  3. Mindsweeper goes to a darker place than its predecessors. Jerky and jacking beats with a touch of Tenaglia lock in behind whacked out synths and spaced-out rhythms for a track that goes subterranean.
  4. Head Full of Butterflies is a stunning spaced-out soundscape, with warped loops of distorted vocals wrapping around trippy synth pads, all floating on an air of DMT.

Paper caught up with him for an interview this week, watch below: