Aniso Tropics – Lubek EP

Aniso Tropics return to Paper with another kaleidoscope tinged journey into the electronic cosmos on Lubek which boasts 3 cuts of interstellar proportions that perfectly continue the story as mapped out in his debut with us a little while back.

Title track Lubek thunders out of the gates with a serious chest thumper of a bass line before pairing up with spaced out synths & pads and those all important arps. A proper psychedelic techno laced banger!

Utopya snaps & cracks its way through some groovy 8708 & 909 sounds with a quirky piano ruff riding a wobbly bass which sounds like a track from The Last Ninja on the Commodore 64 (which is THE highest of accolades!). Dreamy, Balearic, mystical & much more….lush.

Apricot Memorex is the perfect way to close off this party and really shows the forward thinking, unique sounds & influences of Aniso Tropics. Glitchy percussion & skippy beats that are reminiscent of Four Tet, Bonobo & even Aphex Twin (at his most mellow!) are peppered throughout this cut which somehow manages to sit somewhere in-between ‘mid trip’ & sunrise.

Sean Johnston: “Utopya is lush”

Chris Massey: “All are absolute yessmate but I think it’s Apricot Memorex that does it for me. Very good indeed!”

Thrillhammer: “I’ll def be playing Lubek”

From Beyond: “Lush stuff! Difficult to pick between Lubek and Utopya”