BOM – Wakanda Life

Ben Davis (Flash Atkins) and Tom Lonsborough (2 Billion Beats) return once more with some heavy futuristic, deep afro vibes. They asked themselves what the music would sound like in the fictional ‘Wakanda Life’ nightclub of Black Panther’s home country then decided to write it.

Ashe Rising is the life force that runs through all things and the EP’s first track offers a spiritual late night awakening. Rolling bass, skittering drums and chanting samples make way for a pad to raise souls. Heavy reverb and delayed EFX keep it weird as the track twists and turns into a hypnotic afro chug.

Downtown Birnin Zana is the capital city and where the action happens. Heavy broken and house beats lock together with a live slap bass as the percussion rolls with synths and arps. A haunting vocal sample takes it weird but the energy builds into the late night as the Panther, White Gorilla, Lion and Crocodile Cults leave their differences at the door to get sweaty.

Bill Brewster: “Downtown Blimin’ Zaire is the one for me”

Pete Herbert: “Excellent! Both cuts”

Olle Abstract: “Love both tracks. Will play them a lot this summer!”

80’s Child: “yes, Ace!”


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