Camblom Subaria – Warriors of the African Sun

Presenting a debut Paper release from South Africa’s Camblom Subaria who’s ‘Warriors Of The African Sun’ perfectly captures the deeper side of house music from the continent. All three tracks hypnotise and weave their spells over slowly evolving dynamics that draw you in to the psychedelic electronics.

Pauper is moody and stripped back but atmospheric as heck. Rolling beats, arps and percussion make this a perfect late night jam for lovers of Global Underground style house music. A head mangler in the best possible way.

Myth goes down a more mellow path with swirling pads and synths as the tablas and percussion take a tribal turn on this piece of druggy, trippy brilliance.

Final track War is a heads down, peak time number with a relentless synth line, soaring pads and repetitive synth marimba that although not strictly a ‘banger’, will surely blow the roof off.

Sean Johnston: “Liking this one a lot!”

Pathaan: “Love it ! DEEP sizzle…”

The Secret Soul Society: “Interesting tech-y soulful vibes…can see Myth slotting into a set nicely”

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