D.S.D. – Salty EP

D.S.D. serves up a brand new EP of nu-disco slammers to brighten up the darkest nights.

Think Of You kicks things off with a 5th synth riff, niggling acid and solid nu-disco drums in perfect combination. Deep, hypnotic and ideal for any set, any time.

Flash Atkins and 2 Billion Beats take Think of You and give it some oomph. The riff is amped up, drums are toughened and tension builds to the break before the acid and rave piano produce a hands in the air moment.

Elemental is a mid temp disco chugger pinned down by conga driven drums, a nagging sub and arp. Things build with a piano as pads and EFX cast their cosmic magic.

Just Can’t Stop takes a funky bass, vocal stabs, key and brass samples to create a low slung slab of deep groove. Just when things can’t get any better, the acid hits.

My Heart keeps the spaced out 4/4 funk alive with a wandering bass, trippy keys, big pads, sampled vocals and delayed arps. Late nights and early mornings never sounded so good.

David Dunne: “REALLY strong EP – will defo get it into the show this weekend.

Chris Massey: “All biggies with plenty of swag & soul. Great remix tackle from Flash & 2BB, will support all these!”

Fingerman: “Hard to pick a winner here but the Flash and 2BB remix is a big messmate on the Acid front with Just Can’t Stop just bringing up the rear! Top banana!”

DiscoDaze: “Excellent set of tracks, will defo support”