Disco Rogues – Deep Point

The Disco Rogues are back on Paper with a follow up release to their excellent Funk Moves and this sophomore E.P. If late night jacking and chugging dance floor action is your thing, step this way.

‘Deep Point’ is a murky and mucky slice of after-hours house music that has a locked down, heavy groove that is perfect for setting the scene or slowing things down when it’s getting twisted.

‘IF’ is a cinematic hazy highlight that is hypnotic, psychedelic and aimed at the cosmos. Swirling synths and pads wrap around a hook synth stab to create something between 90s Balearica and a lost John Hughes soundtrack.

‘Let It All Go’ keeps it deep and and trippy with layered synths, guitars, pads and more to create a journey into the outer reaches of above and beyond. What a trip!

‘You’ve Got The’ closes off the package and sits perfectly into that ‘classic Paper’ deep house sound (yeah, we did it before it was all man bags and beards!). There are stubby chords, chopped up guitars, rolling bass and snappy percussion with just a hint of disco peppered over the top to keep things sweet. This beauty will test the bass bins early doors and fill the floor while it’s at it.

Fingerman: “Lovely warm bleepy goodness. Will support these!”

Alice Palace: “Lovely EP, all about Deep Point for me. Can see that getting rinsed”

From Beyond: “Lovely deep stuff. Deep Point is the one for me!”