Flash Atkins – F.B.O.

Flash Atkins is back on Paper with his original first EP for the label since 2019, and boy, is it worth the wait.

F.B.O. is an acronym for Fuck Big Oil and tells you all you need to know about what Flash thinks about the main perpetrators responsible for climate breakdown, knowingly condemning us to a future on an unliveable planet.

Planet Before Profit is a cry to arms locked into a 4/4 kick. Throbbing bass, wobbly synth lines and rattling percussion build to chords and strings that break the tension. The track drops to make room for an intense synth, building to another drop as the dance floor gets a proper sweat on. Trippy 5 am basement, head mangling tackle.

Who Am I? is another intense slo-mo chugger of stripped-back electronic warehouse music. London poet Sirius Rush takes us on a journey into the cosmos as synths build to a chorus that lets in the light. The track then brings in the 303 to a devastating heads-down effect.

The Flash Dub cuts to the chase with the 5th synth, 303, sub and keeps it heads down all the way.

Finally, Sirius Rush’s cosmic poetry a cappella is DJ tool for creating a moment of bliss.

Billy ScurryProper Flash shizzle, aceness!

Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep) – Planet Before Profit jumping out here for me… a relentless edgy electronic groove that develops throughout. Will be playing.

Nutritious – Wigging out to the dark trippy vibes on this! Excellent production by Flash and sublime poetry by Sirius Rush — A poignant combo and absolutely mental EP.