From Beyond – Planetary Groove


From Beyond bolts across the sky faster than a speeding star and lands back at Paper Towers with another E.P. of analogue sounding & chest pounding cuts of deep disco sounds.

Protostar turns up the squelch-o-meter to high overload with a bit off a cosmic-ness sprinkled over s topping beat that altogether sounds like a lost Emperor Machine production.

Planetary Groove goes for a bit of sleaze and chug with an accompanying funk guitar & synth stabs to give us a bit of a ‘baggy’ electronic workout…you’re twisting my melon man etc etc.

Closing off the E.P. is Time Hop in all its electrons shimmying glory. Snappy, hooky but stripped back & straight forward. Ready to work the dance floor and start a party….big stuff!

Duncan Grey: “Dynamite! All 3 tracks are top shelf. Protostar is going to take some beating in the months ahead”

Neil Diablo: “Good E.P. Planetary Groove sounds like ‘Il Veleiro on 33! Thumbs up!”

Get Down Edits: “Planetary Groove sounds great!”

Dicky Trisco: “Love it! Planetary Groove sounds like someone jamming to Jingo after taking a blast of DMT. Perfectomundo!”

Pete Herbert: “Yes superb.. Planetary Groove and Time Hop both doing it for me!”

Massey: “Massive scenes. Title track is the winner for me but all over this is a hefty strong package! Great work!”


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