Jahn Solo’s 70’s Sideshow

Break out the glitter pants and lace up your roller skates as we head down to the D.I.S.C.O. The man himself, Jahn Solo brings his Seventies Slideshow with three chopped up, groove heavy cuts that slam dunk the funk.

‘Show Me Yours’ pops the bass, jacks the piano, Niles the guitars, rides the vocals and goes straight for the mirror ball. Good time vibes all the way!

‘Disco’ thunders out of the gates with driving bass, cut-up grooves and vocal snippets before the brass unleashes a fabulous funk frenzy.

‘Mystical Lover’ keeps the party sparked and ignited with crazy rolling percussion, slap bass, wacka wacka guitars, heavy compression and all the disco boxes ticked to create an absolute slammer of a track, destined to send floors into a disco inferno.