Leca – Soft on Space EP

Unsung hero and champion of deep Norwegian beats, the new EP from Bergen’s Leca is leftfield, wobbly and damn good.

Soft On Space harks back to the retro future of italo with space station samples and anologue synths over heavily reverbed house beats. It is the sound of optimism, found by looking up at the stars.

Den Fantastiske Fuzzn keeps things warm with a jumping keyboard, cowbell, vocal sample, disco strings, sweet leads and deep house know.

Finally Tur-Retur Venusberget takes it chug with wobbling B-lines, Rhodes, chorused toms and a jacking beat. Guaranteed to make you hurdygurdy!

Bill Brewster – Weirdly good.

Craig Bratley -Will play Soft On Space, thanks

Pete Herbert – Great lazy grooves

Billy Scurry – Excellent warmth and vibe throughout. Hard to pick a fav as all have a bit of something.. Aceness!

Mordisco – Soft On Sapce is dope!

James Rod – Full support

I-Robots – I-Robots approved!

Nutritious – WAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (This. Ep. Is. F-ing. Epic .RMX)

Robot 84 – Funky Nordic beats, oh yeh, feelin this one!!!

Fingerman – Last track is ace. Thanks guys!


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