Paper Cuts #7

Our Paper Cuts series hits 2024 with some of the best music from Mexico, Norway, Denmark, San Fransico, Russia, and the UK. There’s House music here, in all its tasty flavours by D.S.D, Mr Tea and Sommerfeldt, the Balearic wonk of The Secret Soul Society, Aniso Tropics, La Guardia De La Luz, Tonaruner plus nu disco from Lakeshouse, Rave-enka, Jahn Solo and Benny Pitcher.

Volume 7 in the series but for once we can’t really say “you should know what to expect by now” because what this compilation really goes to show is just what an eclectic and diverse camp the long-running Manchester label has become, with tracks on ‘Paper Cuts #7′ ranging from the near-ambient Balearica of Aniso Tropics’ opener ‘Apricot Memorex’ to the self-explanatory synth-y stylings of La Guardia de la Luz’s ‘Trance Aleman de los 90s’ via the uptempo strut of Jahn Solo’s ‘Disco’. So all we can really do is point you in the direction of some standout cuts, which for this reviewer would include D.S.D’s luscious ‘Just Can’t Stop’ and Benny Pitcher’s ‘Transatlantic Motion’, which is like a little musical nod to the days when Paper comps were called ‘Splinter’.
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