Rasmus Faber x David Harks – Never Enough

Swedish producer and DJ Rasmus Faber and Berlin based British vocalist David Harks have teamed up to produce what is set to be the sound of the summer.

Never Enough is a perfect blend of blue-eyed soul, yacht rock and disco that brings the sunshine. Over immaculate production, the guitar, piano and bass sit perfectly with David’s heartfelt vocals. The break brings a touch of gospel before the chorus plays out and is left spinning. The Extended Mix strips things back to give more room to the instrumentation for a more DJ friendly version.

Dicky Trisco – Feeling the Max Dub

Tici Taci Music – The dubs are more my thing, but hats off for the songwriting and production. As Yachty as I’ve heard all week.

Sean Johnston (ALFOS) – Very Balearic indeed!

Olle Abstrakt – Great summer vibes. Love it.

Stuart Patterson (Faith) – Summer soul that will be nicely into my mi-soul show