Rave-enka – Dypdykking EP

Oslo’s Rave-enka is back on Paper with an EP that translates as the aptly named ‘deep dive’. His trademark dry analogue drums and tech stylings put through the Norwegian wobble filter are present and correct.

Dypdykking goes subterranean with crisp percussion and a sinister bass before breaking to a Detroit pad that builds in intensity before the filters are open and it growls into late night basement stylings.

Drepern wobbles and bumps with a jacking analogue bass and minor synth chords as a pad from the outer breaks the tension.

Lystigheten is all about the lightness of touch with congas that roll, synths that spark and drums and MPC2000 beats. This is equally at home in Detroit or Berlin.

Ladders takes a nod to the 90s with it’s good time stabs and mellow arps and plenty of cosmic stylings.

Laurent Garnier: “Looove this EP!”

Sean Johnston: “Great stuff!

Jim Baron/Ron Basejam: “Very nice Rave-enka sounds!”

Olle Abstract: “Strong EP. Good to have Ravi back”