The Telemark Express – SparklingEP

Kjetil Lagesen and Jarle Bråthen’s The Telemark Express are back with two cuts of sublime Balearic fjord funk.

Divine Driveway channels Kraftwerk, kosmische and the 80s by way of the Mediterranean for a chugging late night / early morning track that would be equally at home in Berlin, Ibiza or Oslo.

Sparkling Vibrant keeps it low and late with a broken beat, shuffling percussion, creamy pads and spacey lead. A rolling arp comes in halfway that brings Warp’s Artificial Intelligence compilation to mind as it blends and hypnotises. Deep cosmic space music for those who know.

Craig Bratley: “Hints of the summer to come!”

Sean Johnston: “Yes, I like these very much!”

Massey: “Wonderful, wonderful stuff! Equal parts trippy, cosmic & balearic. Oh and also brilliant!”