Tonaruner & Private Agenda – Suspended In Motion

Summer is here and with it, a collaboration by way of Berlin, London, Oslo and Finland as Private Agenda and Tonarunur (B.G. Baarregaard) join forces for two tracks of bottled sunshine.

Suspended in Motion is pure balearica with popping bass, 80s synths, choppy guitar, Rhodes and a gorgeous vocal. Superb, stripped back production makes this a must for fans of the White Isle and beyond.

Tonarunur flies solo on Hedonist for a nu-disco cut. Filtered and vocoder vocals, walking NRG bass, keys of all types and synths bring the future funk.

From Beyond: “Awesome release! Suspended in Motion is the one for me”

Danielle Moore: “Really good listening music. Totally playable in my sets . Gorgeous vocals”

Thrillhammer: “Nice daytime vibes!”