Vinny Villbass - Skauern EP

Vinny Villbass and the Skauern EP

Vinny Villbass is one of the Norwegian artists emerging from the shadows of the Oslo house scene. He co-runs and plays at the seminal Sunkissed, has had releases on Beatservice and Eskimo and is the mustachioed man about town . This is his debut for Paper and we are very pleased to welcome him in to the label’s Nordic family.

En Liten Pose Selvtillit is deep house at it’s finest and harks back to the early Tromsø techno scene pioneered by Biosphere and Mental Overdrive. Crisp production, clipped swinging beats and percussion plus an incessant bass make this one for the summer, before the track builds to a synth break that wobbles it’s way in to the world of the weird.

Kahytten (Full Fest Versjon) has a pulse and drive that will get any club rocking. Loose congas, synth riff, locked in bottom end and a wandering synth hypnotise in to a full blooded dancefloor destroyer. The studio trickery ramps up and we’ve got a fight on our hands.

Kahytten takes the template in a slightly different direction with more pads and if you try hard enough you can hear the sound of the Oslo fjord in the background.