Research Q & A

How did Research start and when?
Research started way back in 1981. The band originally came together to record an album which was released on the Berlin based label View Records and was titled ‘Laws of Motion’.
Then started playing live shows with an expanded line-up, most notably playing at Heaven in London supporting Bill Laswell and Material.

Is there a concept behind it?
The concept was to create a band with a funk base which could have different soundscapes going on over the top and not committed to one way of thinking.

Who are your major influences?
My influences are many and varied. From prog rock to electrofunk to noise to the New York downtown scene, jazz, blues, soul, house, early hip-hop, drum n’ bass, dub and of course disco (not disco).

It’s been going a long time so has it changed as the music scene has evolved.
The music has changed over the years starting out as more of an improvised jazz-funk outfit (Laws of Motion) to a slightly crazy version of electrofunk / punkfunk (Social Systems) then moving into dub / ambient / jazz / noise territory (The Perpetual City) to the current Disco (Not Disco) phase (Day by Day).

Who are the people involved now?
The current line-up comprises Tim Crowther on guitar, Julian Chown on keyboards, ex-Groove Armada vocalist Valerie Maxfield and myself on drums, programming, samples.

How do you write and produce?
Most of the time the music sort of develops organically starting with the drums. It tends to be more of a group situation with live playing so we would normally use a big enough studio to accomodate that and it’s always nice to be able to go through a big mixing desk. I love to use a mixing desk as another instrument.

What are your plans for the future?
For the future, It would be nice to get a new album done and a return to playing live as well as some dj work.

Do want to remix the next Daco release?!

I would love to remix the next Daco release as it is a totally brilliant track with some amazing vocals.