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Heavy Deviance – Things that go bump in the night

On a dark misty night last month we got a bunch of mates and drove into the country to a farmhouse near Hebden Bridge. Hired a classic car, costumes and props plus of course a bit of kit like lights, matches and cameras. We had sat down and worked on a script for a video that summer and low and behold we had a ball filming our labels second video flick for the Heavy Deviance release.

We here it is in its all its glory – what a treat – check out Ernest Hobbs…..

[wpvideo w6iZglVw]

Heavy Deviance – The Rhythm It Hits

Heavy Deviance - The Rhythm It HitsAfter the release of the critically acclaimed Heavy Deviance long player “A Slow Walk Down The Stairs”, Taffy producer Wayne Roberts packed his bags and left his long term settlement Nottingham in true Dicky Whittington style, and headed to London town to exploit his new found fangles.

Unlike our Dicky, it wasn’t long before Wayne found new opportunities to channel his musical talents. From co-writing a West End musical with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to producing the dark seminal soundscape for Luke Scott’s (son of Ridley) creepy Specsavers ad, he has now set up Blip Audio, a music production company creating music and soundscapes for moving images. With recent syncs from Grolsch and Campari, plus compositions for various BBC and Channel 4 programs under his belt, Wayne is now applying the finishing touches to the long awaited second Heavy Deviance album; with the first single out on We Are Woodville.

Their single The Rhythm It Hits; it is a dark, filmic and hypnotic, break beat piece of peak-time mayhem that is hard to fit in to any musical genre, mixes come from the dancehall vibes of Yes King, SubTerrane’s deep dub-tech beats and Michael Morph’s peak time madness.