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The Sweetshop EP from Flash Atkins

Flash Atkins - The Sweetshop

Flash Atkins is a super hero who had his gravy days in the 80s saving the world with his ability to manipulate sound.

Unfortunately he’s fallen on hard times and can be spotted in the less salubrious parts of London, Manchester and West Yorkshire stoned or drunk on borrowed time & money. To make ends meet he uses his special powers to DJ, remix and make tracks for We Are Woodville and PAPERecordings.

The Sweetshop is his new single and is a concise slice of low-fi electronic pop sitting in the hinterland somewhere between Hot Chip and Calvin Harris. Gabriel Olegavich’s alterego, Caspa Codina takes time out from producing Spektrum, Lady Sovereign and Envy to provide vocals.

On the remix front, Håkan Lidbo goes mainfloor with a glitchy 4/4 bass driven thumper, Radioproof veer off in to Hoxton Pop territory and new kids Dieter & the Gadabouts take it deep, big and bouncy. Flash Atkins also has a crack with his Into The Valley version that takes different types of house, sticks them through the mixer and emerges with a whole load of disco attitude and something that The Juan Maclean would be proud of.

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Artist: Flash Atkins feat. Caspa Codina
Title: The Sweetshop
Released: OUT NOW!
Format: Audio Download / Video / Ringtone

1. Original
2. Flash Atkins’s Into the Valley Remix
3. Radioproof’s Dollymixture
4. Håkan Lidbo’s Anti-POP Remix
5. Dieter & the Gadabouts Remix

Buy it at iTunes today!

The DJs say…

Aldrin – Zouk
“Into The Valley remix is tops! Funky!! Feeling the Original & Radioproof remix as well…”

Tony Nwachukwu – Plastic People / CDR / RBMA
“Good Release! Great to see Anti POP on the remix tip again!”

Richie Hartness – Untitledmusic
“Electro funkin house! Pop goes another tune from Flash – sure to ignite the floor!”

LA77 – Chips With Everything
“Nice!! Liking this a lot. Anti POP mix is probably the one for a set but the Diter and the Gadabouts mix is going straight on my ipod. Gig tonight in the Northern Quarter. Anti POP mix is deffo getting dropped. Word!!”

Chris Todd – Crazy P
“Really like Flash’s own into the valley remix, i’ll ‘ave a quarter of lemon bonbons please!”

Stuart Patterson – East Village / MOS Radio / Faith
“Davis in pop chart shocker – could be.. its the into the valley mix for me .. diggin’ the vocal as well.. good work Flash!”

Luke Solomon – Restless Soul
“Loving the original very much indeed..”

Tom Groove Armada
“Like the into the valley rmx, cool, fun party vibes.”

Simon Cosmic Disco
“Very tasty little electro-bumper. love the dieter & the gadabouts remix, getting good response on the dance floor.”

Love the World – check out this video

This video has been created using some excellent stop start animation techniques giving off a vibrant yet edgy feel to the piece. Its integrated back drop of dereliction from the Tyne area mixes with its candy pop soundtrack to produce on of the visual highlights of the year – This is already pencilled in for MTV playlist on 120 mins and Electrostand shows – wahooo

[wpvideo YG51DSkT]

Love The World by Karoshi Bros

Karoshi Bros - Love The World

Love The World is infectious to say the least – think Seenlufts Manilla produced by Richard X (those fat Numan/League synths) and you’re getting close, says – Jerry Bouthier (Kitsune / Boombox / M8)

Love The World is a hypnotically funky, synth laden, speaker drenching, dance floor banger. The Ingo Star Cruiser remix is already receiving boundless superlatives for it’s jackin baselines, pummelling electro funk and dance floor swagger by man of the moment Erol Alkan. These two stuttered and filtered good-time thumpers are destined for night-time hot spots across the land.

Sam and Dan Burt are the genre mesh heads behind Karoshi Bros, who started their career in a rock outfit with Lucas from Maximo Park. However, finding themselves gravitating to an eclectic sound of triphop and electronic music the brothers broke away, creating tracks where the lyrics are as important as the beats. ‘Myspace is yours, Your space is mine, We’re all selling cheap, We’re the latest freaks, A desperate peeping show, On the video’

Originally titled Fuck The World was meant as a protest song born out of frustration at label bosses demanding The Karoshi Bros write tracks for Backstreet Boys. What they did instead was write about all the filth and shit in life, ‘We’ve both mellowed a bit recently hence, Love The World’

Using vocals of people who have NEVER sung before keeps each track completely unique, the Love The World singer was found via Myspace in China. Keep your ears open for the follow up track with vocals laid down by a French law student singing about a drag queen.

A planned series of warehouse parties and gigs will showcase the gritty, intensity of the group live. Fronted by two alternatives, the first of which is POP, a riotous cross between Iggy Pop and Keith Flint, who in his spare time enjoys face diving off balconies, reconstructive surgery and rupturing shoulders.

The latter, JJ is your dark and twisted early Gwen Stefani, ‘we’re loving this collaborative vibe where people can jump in and out creating things with us, all boundaries have gone.

Love The World is just the start of what’s to come from Yorkshire’s answer to Justice.Download the EP from all good stores and you’ll find the limited vinyl in all good indie shops – or you get the 7″ and everything else including free downloads and Ts from our shop.

Watch the video of Love The World

Karoshi MySpace