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Paper Recordings presents ‘Low Life’

It’s that time when the stars align and Paper Recordings hold one of their infamous rave-ups on Saturday, Dec 9.

For this very special gathering, we’re heading back to Andrew Weatherall’s favourite public house-dancing spot and celebrated den of iniquity in th’ills, Todmorden‘s  The Golden Lion for the legendary Low Life. In the cockpit will be London’s finest party starters, dance music titans, celebrated authors, radio hosts, DJ wizards and jolly ace chaps, Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton with Paper’s own Chuckle Brothers Flash Atkins & Massey trying to keep up.

Low Life was created in New York in 1995 by British writers and DJs Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton, who brought the party with them when they moved back to London a couple of years later. The first London event happened in a loft on Kingsland Road in 1998, with a bizarre list of attendees that included Damon Albarn, Björk and Alexander McQueen. It soon became one of the most exciting and unique nights in the capital, famed for its curveball fancy dress themes, the choicest house and disco and its carefree, house-party vibe.

Although they stopped after 20 years, they still throw the occasional Low Life parties and we are thrilled to be hosting on of them. always deliver on the dance floor vibes with a soundtrack of all things disco-house-cosmic-wonky-groovy-boogie electronic music.

We’ve been massive fans for years and are thrilled to have them come join us!

Low Life loves you…we love Low Life!