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Friend of Paper, the ever effusive Paul Rutherford has just done a cracking interview with Faith.

Not only was Paul in Frankie Goes To Hollywood, a band who managed to marry club, pop and rock in to a heady sound that resulted in one of the biggest selling singles of all time with “Relax” but he was also at the centre of club culture as it took off in the 80s. Taking in places like the Paradise Factory, Shoom and Queer Nation he lived the nightlife which was reflected in his solo music, like the acid house classic “Get Real”. Paul is a bon viveur and the interview is frank, revealing and a great insight in to pop and club culture.

For the record, Paul is responsible for Paper’s worst ever gig that was in Queenstown, NZ. A meal and quiet drink turned in to a booze-a-thon that meant by showtime, Paper was struggling to stand up. Oops.