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Beyond Oblivion, the future perhaps?

Beyond Oblivion is the brand new, disruptive, digital music service launching officially in 2011. Beyond provides users with intelligent music discovery tools to help them search their way through the Infinite Music Library.

The BO – Mission Statement

  1. No more corrupt files.
  2. No more inequitable download charges and subscription fees.
  3. No more intrusive advertising.No more Big Music intimidation.
  4. The right to download from the biggest music library on Earth.
  5. The right to play as much of it as you want and share it among licensed friends.

Well Murdoch’s involved which is a downside but the concept is a laudable one and lets hope this encourages the development of the ultimate music revenue model for recorded music – who knows – it might just work?

Click image to sign up for the beta roll out

New PAPER Release: The Deadstock 33s – We Could Be

The Deadstock 33s : We Could Be


Released this week

1.We Could Be (Original)
2.We Could Be (The Deadstock 33s Club Mix)
3. We Could Be (Flash Atkins Mix)
4.We Could Be (Ashley Casselle & Mark O’ Brien)
5.Magikal 100


BUY IT AT THESE STORES: Paper Recordings Shop, Beatport, Juno and iTunes, plus all other cool download stores…….

PAPERecordings is back from it’s summer hols with a release that breaks the template from dapper gent and Balearic legend Justin Robertson.  Justin is one of acid house’s true pioneers, constantly evolving and pushing new sounds using his vast armoury of music that ranges from reggae to synth pop to techno to house and rock.

We Could Be is his second outing on the relaunched PAPERecordings and it’s a belter.  The original is warped 4/4 business with a nagging slap bass riding the sub.  There is all sorts of analogue synth action and choppy edits to give it unexpected drops and fills resulting in big floor energy.

Next up Justin’s own remix takes live drums and creates something akin to oldskool techno played by a band.  The detroit bass dominates with a killer groove and plenty of fills to keep it rolling.

Boozer, drugger and sound manipulator Flash Atkins takes his remix down the electro pop route with floating keys, synth washes and plenty of delays.  The middle section goes in to a heads down percussion session before breaking into an arpeggiatored ending for the big finish…..mahem ensues!

Ashley Casselle and Mark O’Brian have taken the parts of the original down a deep techno route that keeps it tight.  They work the groove for maximum impact but with plenty going on under the hood.

Finally there is the bonus Magikal 100 that wears Justin’s 80s influences well and truly on it’s sleeve.  With a dropped down BPM it sounds like woozy Japan at a comedown party after a particularly heavy night…and that’s got to be a good thing!

Murray Richardson- Paper digital is rocking my digital world!!! 5/5

Slutty Fringe- Epic disco sleaze!

Justin UnaBomber- The Deadstock 33 mix & Flash Atkins is in me ball park big time. 4/5

Chris Coco- Very cool.4/5

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) – Like the club mix and Magikal 100

Electronica Magazine- Wicked release, loving the varriety of sounds

Karoshi Brothers- Real tasty,  Flash mix is fave, esp the big lead synth solo in the outro!

Magik Johnson- 33’s club mix is ace

AMDJS Radio- We like the whole package, but Ashley Casselle & Mark O’ Brian’s mix is serious one! 5/5

Gareth Sommerville- Vibing Flash Atkin’s mix.

Luke Warren (Pinch)- All about the club mix! Excellent release

Fred Deakin (Lemonjelly)- Justin’s club mix is the one.

Aldrin Zouk- Magikal 100 is fab. We Could Be original is also fresh.

DiskJokke- Nice and deep remix by ashley casselle and Mark O’ Brien, works well for me!

Neil Quigley- The Flash Atkins remix is deliciously quirky and groovy, excellent.

Jody Wisternoff (Way Out West / Distinctive)- Heavy tune ! Supporting :)

DJ Aleksij (Sloevenia)- Fuckin’ love paper whatever they put out for over a decade! Very good release with good mixes to choose from! The saga continues!

Randall Jones (Tigerhook Corp)- WOAH!!  Paper Recs back in the house.  I love the remixes!

Hiro Tanaka (DJ 19)- The Deadstock 33s Club mix is 4 me. Good groovin bass!!

Ben Mono- Digging the Deadstock 33s Club mix.