The Beast is Unleashed!

Flash Atkins is the fallen, broken man of yesteryear. Wasted promises and unfulfilled dreams are the price he has paid for loose women, fast drinks and low rent establishments.

But he keeps making music and some of his superpowers of sound manipulation haven’t disappeared completely.

The Beast of Flash Atkins presents some of his finest moments on Paper Recordings that have been dropping on dance floors like shots of Jaegermeister into a Red Bull.

Known detonations have been Malawi Chant blowing a hole in 2013’s final Electric Elephant Boat Party, Flood Warning having people run for the exits at the after-after party that is Vauxhall’s FIRE, Gigolo wild-pitching Faith, Did you Forget To Shine dusting up Lowlife and Justin Una Bomber demanding to know what The In Crowd was in a Manchester basement party.

There is also the brand new John The Revelator, deep house with a one foot in 2013 and the other in 1988.

Buy it and keep him in meths.