Canal Del Mar Vol. 2

Paper Wave continues to release open-minded music from across the board, mixing up tempos, genres and the hard to categorise. It’s second ‘best of’ drops just in time for summer.

There are Balearic bangers. Kosmische chuggers, leftfield wobblers and disco nodders from artists new and old. Whether the sun is going up or slipping down over the Manchester Ship Canal, all bases are covered.

Olle Abstract: “Really nice package. Loads of good stuff for different moods.”

Craig Bratley: “Nice, will play a few of these on the radio show. Thanks”

Doc L. Junior: “Been playing Boogie People by The Secret Soul Society since it came out two years ago and I’m probably going to play it tomorrow too. Love it!”

Rune Lindbæk: ” Love it!!!”