Disco Rogues – Funk Moves EP


Nottingham producers and DJs Nick Kipsy and Dave Holland have been stalwarts of the city’s party scene and come together as the Disco Rogues for a killer four tracker.

Funk Moves is an off-kilter slice of nu-disco that warps a sample around stabbing keys, rock solid bass, acid and wobbly arp.

Chuggernaut takes a left turn into minimal murky territory with delayed synths, arps and bass that is pure darkroom. It’s got ALFOS written all over it

Italia is a more straightforward deep disco with a 90s flavour. Breakbeats, rave piano, throbbing synths and well placed samples take things late night.

The Slo Mo Disco mix does what it says on the tin, stripping things back but keeping it dancefloor.

Danielle Moore (Crazy P): Nice to have something which instantly categorises the sound. Keeps it simple :-) ….really like the tunes. Playable and tasty

Sean Johnston: “Chuggernaut is correct!!!”

Duncan Grey: “Another fine release from Paper. All good but Chuggernaut is the odds-on favourite for the Gold Cup”

From Beyond: “That Slo Mo Mix is the one for me. Chuggernaut a close second. Strong release!”

Disco Daze – “Brillian EP!”

Nutritious – Sold on “murky,” but already had me at “off-kilter.” Funk Moves is my fave here. The type of track I build toward. Love that.”