Mental Overdrive & Flash Atkins – Where?

Where? started life in Mental Overdrive’s Tromsø studio when Flash was visiting in 2019. Analogue and modular synths were broken out and record collections raided as they threw down and got to work. The result is a psychedelic head trip into the far reaches of jazz and Balearica that comes on like E2E4 if it had been made in Africa. Shuffling afrobeat, xylophone, field recordings and chants hypnotise as the bass locks in.

Manchester producer Daco delivers a mix of pure class with nods to MAW and 90s NYC tribal house. It is a percussion driven track of soulful deep beats as keys and samples ricochet.

Cal Gibson and Mark Limb take things subterranean with their bass heavy BCB dubbed version. Spacey atmospherics delayed broken drums and arps over crisp production make it a go-to for heavy ambience and fans of The Orb.

Rune Lindbæk: “Thumbs aloft!”

Rich Hall (Super FU): “Love the organic percussion and synth vibes on this, beautiful production”

Doc L Junior: “Balearic voodoo-vibes. Lovely combo!!”

Olle Abstract: “Love it. Original mix is the one for me”


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