Trash The Wax # 9

They say all good things must come to an end and Trash The Wax Vol. 9 has the honour of being our penultimate collection of dance floor heaters and beaters. Believe it when we say we’re going out with an almighty kapow!

This ninth outing is packing fire with regular TTW providers such as Paper Street Soul kicking things off with a slab of post-punk electronica on ‘Notes On You’. Picotropico has been drinking the same kool aid with the Talking Heads-esque ‘Inmovil feat. Sima Itayim’.

If low-slung-chuggy-psych-acid-house is your bag then we’ve got you covered by Dan Wainwright, Coy Dog and James Rod who each crank up the ALFOS-o-meter to 11. House with disco tendencies gets fully represented here by Define, Gina D, Processman, J Kara, Dastardly Bounder and Flying Mojito Brothers who all guarantee a session kicking up dust on the dance floor.

Other Paper and TTW firm members The Secret Soul Society and Andy Buchan go for a housier hat throw into the ring on ‘D For Damaga’ and ‘Road To Barca’ whilst Jahn Solo drops an ultimate end of night feel good anthem on ‘Dance For Me’.

Bill Brewster: “Some nice gear here”

Will Tramp!: “Lovely stuff!”

Phil Rose: “Great comp!”

Daco: ” Lots of goodies involved and particularly diggin’ Fabio Santanna and James Rod & Aleito.”