D.S.D. – Umami EP

Dance floors all over assemble! New heat coming right at you from Paper as we present a debut E.P. by DMD, 4 tracks of infectious, spaced out house music grooves that tip the hat to the cosmic collective whilst also giving a nod & a wink to the mutant disco massive.

Straight up party playlist action all the way.

Keep On Moving stomps out of the gate with a relentless as heck bass line backed up by trippy synth stabs & chords that drives & drive you headfirst into the outer regions of your mind (and the dance floor).

Beat From The East goes down a slightly deeper route and is like a pitched down techno thumper which names up to its namesake with some pretty nifty far east style shenanigans in its breakdown which is ably assisted by some trusty piano stabs. Hooky as you like.a proper banger.

Suntime is defo the most psychedelic of this offering. Straight up peyote drenched style synths with plenty of those ace whirly style stabs amongst a lazy swung arp & rolling percussion work.

Broken Song closes off the party and is certainly the disco member of this family. Funky as heck bassline action with a warped up vocal stab fitting nicely around some cosmic-esque style synth work. Serious neck & head-nodding workout vibes.

Bill Brewster: “Keep On Moving is fun!”

Alice Palace: “DSD doesn’t disappoint with this release, some fail safe dancefloor fillers here. Tricky to choose a favourite but the piano chords in Beast from the East might just sway it for me”

Sean Johnston: “Yes, really into this one!”

David Dunne: “Splendid stuff! Show is done for this week but I’ll be sure to play something off this next week”

Olle Abstract: “Nice grooves. Love the mood!”