Kimo – Home EP

Jakarta’s Kimo steps up for a new EP of brilliant chuggy nu-disco and trippy house destined for DJ boxes worldwide.

Home starts things off as they mean to go on with an eastern synth riff that builds over a big sub. Keys are introduced with the chord change before the drop and the slo-mo wild pitch acid breaks cover.

Oceana puts a donk in it, keeping things deep and stripped back but not for long. The music gets intense as a distorted riff builds with strings and snares bringing the heat.

Night Light drops the BPMs into psychedelic krautrock territory as the synths distort and hypnotise with a subtly changing chord for that soulful Balearic edge.

Finally, Odyssey is on a more dreamy disco tip that builds up Kimo’s trademark intensity as distorted synths riff with the bass. Perfection for watching the sunrise or set.