Popsneon – Summer Snow EP (Paper Wave)

Summer Snow mixes up Kraftwerk, New Order and Hans Zimmer by way of Nottingham. Programmed drums propel the arpeggiated disco bass and sweeping synths for a track is equally at home blowing main room roofs off or on a pair of headphones.

Next Up Falling I’m Falling keeps the shiny production and acts as the perfect B side with a hooky top line, warm chords and trippy vocal to bring the human touch. Machine music at its best.

Changed Man has snatches of ghostly voices, sweet keys and reverbed synths. Sitting alongside the sounds of the autobahn is some mid-80s disco that would be at home on the White Isle before the secret was out.

Finally, Inward Cosmos takes a deeper electronic direction for a track that hypnotises with delayed EFX, spacey arps and lots of studio black magic.