Super FU – Super FU

Following their first EP ‘Cocoons’ earlier in the year, we now have the main event. The self-titled debut album from Rich Hall, Paul Withey and Sarah Lazenby AKA ‘Super FU’ drops on Paper Wave and it truly is a thing of wonder.

Ten tracks span an array of sounds and styles with more than a tip of the hat to what we’d deem to be ‘The B Word’ (Balearic in case you were thinking anything smutty). There are touches of street soul, low slung house, psychedelia and pop that means the long player is hard to put in a box.

The production and instrumentation is slick throughout with vocals from both Paul and Sarah peppered across the tracks. It is music for hazy days and nights, boat parties, sunsets and driving back in the new convertible from buying a new Don Johnson jacket and espadrilles.

An album for fans of Everything But The Girl, Sade, Richard X and 90s Weatherall productions but it still sounds super fresh . So tuck in and jump on the Super FU freeway!


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