Salt City Orchestra review in i-DJ Magazine


defDrive is an independent music co. showcasing exciting new electronic talent from around the globe….
Since it’s debut from the Puppetmastaz, defDrive has shone light on some serious creative talent ranging from Snax, Gus Gus, Spektrum, Peaches, Shapemod, George Demure, Ladytron, Crazy P, Jeans Team, 33Hz, Kissogram, My Robot Friend, Mock And Toof, Radio Slave, Rob Mello, Melnyk, James Priestley & Dan Berkson, Magik Johnson, Max Pask and Flash Atkins.


logoPAPER kicked off in 1994, leading the upsurge in popularity of UK house music within an underground scene previously dominated by a soundtrack from US cities like Chicago, Detroit and New York. Enhanced by a strong visual identity, as well as impeccable musical quality control, PAPER was, and is one of the world’s most treasured record companies.