Click on the photos below to get the parts to Proviant Audio’s Slutten På Alt and 2 Billion Beats’ The Moodymann.


I’m sure you know plenty about the Dead Rose Music Company. Numbers Machine are actually Karoshi who launched Woodville with Love The World. However they don’t’ want anybody to know as this project is low key, faceless and secretive. Maybe mention that it’s one of our major artists in a secretive alter ego. The Dead Rose Music Company loved the original and on his reaction said he loved it and would be able to tear it up on a remix. So we asked him and he did!

The Numbers Machine Instrumental is stunning – really beautiful piece of electronic music.. Andy Durrant – Capitol Radio

‘I like the Dead Rose Music Company shuffle moves on the hats too! – Erik Rug

Awesome! big fan of the dead rose music company, glad i got this before the weekend, full support – James Teej – Rekids


(1) 12 Bit Compression (Its on everything I do)
(2) Reverb
(3) Calzone
(4) Massive Kicks & Snares
(5) Alesis 3630 Compressors
(6) Yamaha Cs1x & Cs80
(7) Terri Acton
(8) Disco String Sections
(9) Dark Rum
(10) Nike 6.0’s
(11) Snowboarding
(12) Yorkshire tea
(13) Old Vestax Mixers
(14) Stereo & Tape delay
(15) Vinyl & 1210’s (I have 16000+ records)
(16) Sony Oxford Warmth & Nectar
(17) Lists of favourite things
(18) Flying
(19) People dancing to records I have made
(20) Sleeping


Proviant Audio – Slutten På Alt by Paper Recordings

‘Slutten På Alt’ is one of the highlights from Proviant Audio’s debut album ‘Real Loves Tastes Like This!’ and now gets the remix treatment.

The album is a rich mix of disco, funk, soul and house which has seen the 18 year old Norwegian receive broad critical acclaim as part of the new generation of Scandavian artists.

The release kicks off with the original (promo only) which is a journey through disco and ending up on a killer riff that sounds like it’s been stolen from a lost classic (it hasn’t, it’s all played live).

Ralph Myerz ‘Norwegian Kiss’ turns in a broken slice of soulful tech-disco. His mix moves from a soul groove to a brilliant slow-mo breakdown before lifting back into a tight house groove.

Next up, Leftside Wobble is at the controls and an artist probably best known for his superb re-edits in recent times. For his version of ‘Slutten På Alt’ he picks up the funk and runs with it, creating a dubby disco mix with plenty of bounce and leftfield soul.

Finally Paper Recordings own Flash Atkins takes things in a deeper direction fusing the best of house, techno and disco in to a late night, bottom heavy floor filler.

Roberto Rodriguez : Absolutely loving the Ralph Myerz and Leftside Wobble mixes! Will get lots of spins!

Jim Baron (Crazy P / Ron Basejam) : Good selection of mixes, like ’em all but think Flash Atkins just shades it.

Francois Kevorkian : Both the Ralph Myerz and Leftside Wobble mixes are definitely playable.

Red Rack ‘Em : Ralph Myerz remix and original do it for me.

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) : Love the Ralph Myerz mix

DJ Nutritious : Beautiful, unparalleled, classy dance here – artwork. All the remixes are essentials.

Joshua Iz : Fantastic…super summer is upon us.

Stuart Patterson (Faith) : I love this kid and this is a great set of mixes

Q Burns – Nifty, sprawling track here … all the twists and turns definitely kept my interest. All a pleasure, but the Flash Atkins remix edges it for me.

Tim “Love” Lee : Love these guys!

Disco Outcasts (Manchester) : Jesus Christ!! The Flash Atkins Mix is a super bass heavy workout that will detonate massively! Also feeling Leftside Wobbles acid disco affair.

Benoit C : Cooooool EP

Neil Diablos : Realy like the Ralph Myers quirky remix but its the Flash Atkins mix doing it for me!

Yanick Labbé : Flash Atkins all the way!

Pete Herbert : Ralph Myerz! What a great remix… loved the RM stuff from years back.

James Teej : Great package, the Ralph Myerz is crazy, love the acid in the Leftside Wobble mix and Flash Atkins once again does it. Very dope.

X Press 2 : Love the Flash and Ralph mixes. Perfect show openers.

Severino Panzetta (Horsemeat Disco) : Ralph Meyerz is my fav remix Smart and groovy

Proviant Audio Album release party rocks Oslo

The release party for “Real Love Tastes Like This!” went off June 11th at John Dee, Oslo.
Here’s some photos from the night shot by photographer Sebastian Dahl.

Sir Kenneth of Hawkes

What can we say apart from thank you for the music and your humour Kenny – one thing that sticks in the memory apart from the blinding releases was when we had just signed up your first single for Paper Recordings and you faxed through your signed off copy contract ; following the agreement another page came through the fax machine in big bold print stating – “You are now about to enter the world of Kenny Hawkes, SCREAM if you want to go faster……..” Priceless!

Rest in Peace Kenny x

This DJ Mix from his Girls FM radio show says it all:

Kenny Hawkes on Girls FM – 1st Birthday Thursday 15th April 1995 by kennyhawkes


Paper honcho Ben Davis (Flash Atkins) runs through the basics of the Akai MPC 2000.