The Producer Interview

    Q & A feat. Flash Atkins, Ralph Myerz, Mat Playford, DATG, Proviant Audio & Kahuun
    Q: What were your Top three tracks of 2010?

FA: Isoul8 & Mark De Clive – Stop Bajon / Lonesome Echo Production – Spirit of Drums / Flash Atkins – Make Your Move.
RM : Ciscoe – Elevators / Black Room – XTC / Radioslave – I Don’t Need A Cure For This (Kenny Larkin Remix)
MP: Kosmischer – Ruckenwind / Lucien N Luciano – Behind My Soul
Yard Dawg – Mat Playford & Tim Deluxe
PA: I’m all stuck in the seventies, so it’s hard to say… Of course, some lovely music has been coming out of 2010 as well. The Samps’ self titled debut on Mexican Summer has been running a lot on my iPod, so I have to mention the tracks “Peppergood” and “Yellow Jacket”, which is pretty rude, sample-based disco/R&B dopeness. Erykah Badu’s album New Amerykah Part 2 has been one of my favorites this year as well. Tracks “Umm Hmm” produced by Madlib and “Love” produced by J Dilla in his late years.
K: Soulphiction – Deranged / Stac – Tip (Royce Wood Jnr Remix) / Seiji vs. Bembe Segue – Get it Together
DATG : All this time – Proviant Audio / Made for each other – Junkie XL / Something Good Can Work (Twelves remix) – Two door cinema club

    Q: What are your plans for 2011?

FA: A Day In The Life film, mucho musica and an album dropping in the Autumn. Also getting very pissed daily, scabbing free drugs and trying to live in a house rather that a campervan, this winter’s been harsh!
RM: Finishing and releasing three albums! “Super Sonic Pulse” with guests like George Clinton and Snoop Dogg / “Outrun (Music4LateNightDrivez)” for night time experiences. and producing the new R.E.C. album “DiscoTech” with Eddie Da Bass and Carina Deejay. Then moving to California and make a lot of new music while drinking wine.
MP: Obsessive focus.
PA: Release my debut album on Paper!!!! Do a lot of remixes. produce a lot, arrange my tracks for the Royal Norwegian Navy Big Band (29 horns!) and do some amazing shows – including the by:Larm Festival in February…..and last but not least graduate from High School!!
K: Get my finger out and try to complete some of the 219 half-finished projects. There should at least be enough for my first ever album :-)
DATG : Finally learn the bloody trumpet, get some more music released, get freaking married.

    Q: What was your best Night-Time experience of 2010?

FA: It was in Amsterdam before I got mugged but that’s what happens when you go on the specialist unlicensed sex market.
RM: Watching the sunset at the beautiful Utkantfestival with my fiancée, and afterwards playing disco with Ciscoe all night long.
MP: Touring with We Love.
PA: Must be some of the summer festivals. All were super great but the best was probably the Slottsfjell Festival were I did a DJ-set along with bass, percussions and some horns in front on over 3000 funky people. My bassist claims he french-kissed about 6 girls in the audience during the show. After the show he stated “Mathias, my life started right now…”
K: All of the 8 HiFi Terapi nights at Cafe Opera in Bergen.
DATG : I’m going to hedge my bets and say it will take place on 18th Dec – Lindstrom, Tensnake, Crazy P, Ralph Lawson = Yes.

    Q: Your worst Night-Time experience?

FA: Getting back to blighty after said incident.
RM: I’m not really into bad night- time experiences. I always keep it 100% good and hang out with the good people.
MP: Cant think of any bad vibes man.
PA: Nothing I would want the world to know, I guess. Often synonymous with too excessive consumption of liquids containing alcohol.
K: Drink expensive wine with Prime Minister Flash Atkins and solve all the problems together.
DATG : Hm, so few nights out these days, I make sure they’re all good!

    Q: If you were leader of the world, what would you do next?

FA: Make all those lazy students get a proper job rather than bloody moaning all the time.
RM: 1. Hire Johan Galtung ( as the chief of all the technical economical political stuff.
2. Then make sure Final ( ) and Kinee ( get listened to a lot.
3. After all this hard work and tough decisions make January the annual month of chilling out and drinking wine.
4. Make a lot of money on Aspirin in February.
5. Spend that money on buying everybody a turntable and a stack of vinyl with music so beautiful that people would want to listen to it at least for an hour a day. An album on vinyl a day, keeps the doctor away.
6. Spend all the money saved on medical bills on good sound systems in clubs.
MP: Well where do you start? I’d defo try to sort them Somalian pirates.
PA: Spread the fonk!!!
K: Drink expensive wine with Prime Minister Flash Atkins and solve all the problems together.
DATG : If I were leader of the world, I’d have a day off. Or delete the internet – that would be fun. Or in an ideal, nonrealistic world, redistribute a fraction of the profits made by the various energy companies to those in more immediate need…

Proviant Audio – Vinyl Sampler 1

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”secret_url=false” url=”″] Proviant Audio – All This Time by Paper Recordings

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”secret_url=false” url=”″] Proviant Audio – Who’s Got Soul by Paper Recordings

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”secret_url=false” url=”″] Proviant Audio – Who’s Got Soul by Paper Recordings

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”secret_url=false” url=”″] Proviant Audio – Play Your Game by Paper Recordings

Proviant Audio
‘Real Love Tastes Like This – Vinyl Sampler 1’
Paper Recordings

Proviant Audio is the recording moniker of Norwegian musician and producer Mathias Stubø, an artist who at the tender age of eighteen is set to create quite a stir with his inspirational sound. Stubø has recorded an album for Paper Recordings which is due for release in the spring of 2011.

Chris Todd (Hot Toddy / Crazy P) – Very interesting stuff, like Play Your Game the best but High Five is cool also…very strong EP.

Stuart Patterson (Faith) – Golly gosh, what a find, so good i ate the whole zip.

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) – Great tracks!

Cosmic Disco – WOW, outstanding talent! Loving ‘Who’s Got Soul?’

Wolf & Lamb – High Five is very cool.

Yannick Labbe – Paper is superstrong! “Who’s Got Soul” is my fave on this one. Mindblowing stuff!

Christian Prommer (Compost / Buzzin’ Fly) – Great soulful music, love All This Time.

Tony Rodriguez – Super tracks, sweet for sure!

Craig Smith (6th Borough Project) – Excellent package, all tracks are dope. Really like the old school r n b/soul/funk vibe in all the samples but still with a contempary production.

Ashley Beedle – An absolute superb EP! All tracks are wicked. Big big big support

Sebastian Döring – Awesome stuff!! cant wait to check it in high quality!! All This Time will be played for sure & the rest is gonna appear in my mixshows!!!

Soonnight On The Record with….Crazy Penis