Paper Recommends – Special Guest Anoraak




This movie is about the journey of a girl throughout Australia, with 4 dromedaries and a dog, documented by a National Geographic journalist. I love it especially during this period as it makes me want to travel, and it’s all about resilience and tenacity, things we currently need.

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Romain (Lenparrot) is a close of mine from Nantes, and he’s such a great composer and singer. He’s worked hard on this album, pushed the release date several times like so many musician, and the result is beautiful. Sometimes a bit sad, but always full of hope, I can’t wait to see him play these songs on stage.
Also we did a track together recently, Haunting Pieces.


La Bombe is an historical comic book about the creation of the atomic bomb. Not a very fun topic for sure but the book is amazing on both the historical and the drawings levels, it’s a big success here in France. I’m not sure whether it’s available in English or not though.