Mat Playford gets rave reviews from IbizaVoice

The IbizaVoice ‘zine gets behind one of its resident DJs – click for review

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Flash Atkins at Into The Valley

Håkan Lidbo – Let’s Rock Film

Håkan gets ready to ROCK!

Well it just doesn’t get any ‘Better Than Sex’ does it?

Tony Naylor selects We Are Woodvillle’s latest release from Håkan for the Guardian Guide reviews section and says it with a glowing review:

“Clearly the news hasn’t reached Sweden yet that we’re all beyond bored with ramped Ed Banger electro. And good thing too, as this is unexpectedly brilliant. All biblical drums, shredded metal guitar and a breakdown that consists of some drunk blokes beatboxing into a Dictaphone, its lithe, punchy and winningly daft. Now let that be the last word on the matter.”


And what a cover shot!

Flash Atkins meets Clive Anderson

Flash Atkins and The Weirdo Police This Saturday

Catch Flash Atkins joining The Weirdo Police live on percussion at Manchester’s Deaf Institute this Saturday as part of El Diablo’s Social Club.