Sleazy McQueen is back on the label under his new alias, Space Coast


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One of Paper’s favourite producers Sleazy McQueen is back on the label under his new alias, Space Coast. It was started recently with Jorge Collazo as an outlet for a more analogue house direction, away from the disco he is best known for.

Aqua Tongue sounds like long lost house classic. With tight drums, old school keys and vocal that will have girls singing, music journalists reminiscing about Shoom and musos stroking their beards. And that’s all before the sub comes in to give it some welly.

San Francisco’s Jason Kendig keeps the old-school vibe with a mix that was done exclusively using analogue gear with no computer in sight. It’s house with a foot each in Detroit and Chicago that doesn’t have an ounce of fat on it.

Next up Just Past Midnight goes deeper and nu-disco. It features Sally Garozzo (last seen on Flash Atkins’ Did You Forget To Shine?) providing the dreamy vocals and harks back the early days of Paper. With plenty of analogue warmth and washed out pads, it’s the sound of a golden summer evening in a festival field somewhere hot.

Ryan Kick takes the ball and runs with it, delivering a deep chugged out mix that ebbs and flows with synths and arps. It’s a hypnotic take that has touches of The Beloved’s Sun Is Rising and an era that was coated in an ecstasy glow.

Finally St Petersburg goes for a more left field remix that rolls along with jittering snares and warm bass. Marimbas add to the groove and the vocal weaves it’s way in and out, adding to the Balearic feel.

DMC Review of Richard Seaborne

Richard Seaborne gets a great review from DMC

Richard Seaborne DMC Review

When Paper Recordings met Cottam


For Paper Radio 3, we interviewed beep beatster Cottam.
Here’s what he said :

Paper Recordings – How did you get into dance music?

Cottam – Through an old school friend of mine. I was listening to a lot of 80s soul & hip hop and he broadened my horizons to bleeps, squeeks and boom boom boom! When I started DJing there were bits of everything to be honest. Lots of early Italian house stuff with hardcore, you couldn’t pigeonhole the stuff I played! It was a whole melting pot of all sorts.

Paper Recordings – What gear do you work off?

Cottam – At the moment I just have a laptop. It takes up minimal space plus it’s in my front room where I have 3 children and lots of toys! I do what I can with what I’ve got.

Paper Recordings – What I like about your stuff is you get the groove and then ride it, which is a deceptively difficult thing to do.

Cottam – I think that comes from me as a DJ. When I was playing techno I was very technical and loved to mix & blend stuff for ages, chopping two tracks together to make something new. That’s probably why most of my own tunes are about 12mins long!

Paper Recordings – Do you play a lot of gigs and what is your favourite kind?

Cottam – I go through my quiet and busy periods but it’s going well at the moment. My favourite was about 2 months ago at a venue called Shanty in Moscow. It’s an underground complex that has tea rooms, a restaurant and a bar with a nightclub in the basement.
The night I was playing the club was closed as the sound system wasn’t working so they set up in the restaurant & bar area. I got to play stuff I would never have imagined and the crowd were really going for it.

Paper Recordings – What do you usually play?

Cottam – I can start off slightly techno at around 100bpm, playing into disco and house and picking it up with a bit more acid stuff. Then it’s up to 120bpm for some afrobeat and acid house. That’s my kind of night!

Paper Recordings – You’re playing Fabric again in a few months?

Cottam – Yes, I played there after a crazy Bank Holiday weekend last year. I flew out to Moscow on the Friday then straight back on Saturday for Fabric which was good but I was in a bit of a daze!
You get the crazy weekends then during the summer and later in the year it quiets down.
My ambition is to get our own night up & running all night somewhere. A pub that has a function room so we can do a barbecue in the day and get everyone outside eating, then take everyone inside later on.

Richard Seaborne – The Reasons Why


Richard Seaborne – The Reasons Why

1. Original
2. Flash Atkins Mix
3. Sleazy McQueen Mix
4. Leon Sweet’s Negative Positive Dub Mix
5. Instrumental

Richard Seaborne has been described as “ginger and hard partying”. Quite what this means to the music he makes we don’t know but it could be important at some point. The Reasons Why is his debut for Paper Recordings and has been catching the attention on Soundcloud of the likes of Bill Brewster, Cosmic Boogie and Faith’s Dave Jarvis.

The original is a low-slung slice of garage disco that could have come out of NYC in the mid-90s. It’s got nagging percussion, a super heavy kick, driving hats and wobbling sub all wrapped round a chunky sample. The deadpan vocals are a take-down of a former lover and there’s something of the drag queen scene in it’s pithy bitchiness and attitude.

Flash Atkins takes it deep and dancefloor for a heads down main room shoe shuffler. It’s tribal and hypnotic with analogue synths washing in and out while the shifting bass takes centre stage as the vocals tell their story.

Next up Sleazy McQueen brings out The Reasons Why’s disco heart with a mix that sounds like a mirror ball on a Saturday night. With a popping Orange Juice bass circa Rip It Up, synth toms, that sample and classic house piano it’s modern disco at it’s best

Another new signing Leon Sweet brings his own pitched-down bottom heavy chugging sensibility to the table. He nags the vocal in before the tech bass sets off and the track builds with congas and acid line in to a reverbed big floor head-masher

Finally, the instrumental finished things off for those allergic to vocals.


Doc Martin – Viva le Paper!

Drop Out Orchestra – Flash Atkins does it again!!!

Tensnake – Nice single, my favourite is the Sleazy Mcqueen remix.

Roberto Rodriguez – Yeah this is cool. Loving the bass in the original and the remixes are ace also!

Ralph Myerz – Loving the Sleazy McQueen & Flash Atkins mixes, full support. Another superstrong quality release from Paper.

The Glimmers – Great!

Hot Toddy (Crazy P) – I like the original very much.

diskJokke – AAAACE!!!!!

Hannah Holland – Wicked release, Sleazy McQueen is the one for me.

Aeroplane – Great, thanks!

Neil Diablo – Ace release. Like the sleazy production of the leon sweet remix the best but an all round good package.

Reza Athar – Leon Sweet is one hell of a fresh new comer. Loved his first EP on Paper and his mix on this is absolutely the one for me.

Marius Våreid – Sleazy McQueen is really doing a great job on his mix here, it’s my fav track on this great EP!

Andy Baxter – Very cool and very funny.

Trent Grimes (MOS) – This has made my day! Sleazy is on fire at the moment and Flash is always on point!

Tony Nwachukwu – Heavy!

Nick Holder (DNH) – I’m digging this!

Gareth Sommerville – Hahahaha. OG, Flash Atkins and Leon Sweet mixes all vying to be my favourite. Will play loads.

Sleazy McQueen – Such a pretty and nice song, it’s the kind I want my wife to sing me.

Danielle Moore (Crazy P) – Wa ha! Great lyrics, love it. Not got past the original yet! Chosen the original mix on the basis this is where the rest of the ace mixes came from.

Stevie Sole – Solid grooves from paper again.

Cole Medina – Like the original the best, nice remixes too!

Nuno Cacho – WOW!!! What a release!!!! Love the hard kick with post-disco flavour, Flash rocks!! On my radio show for sure, the problem will be which one?

Nelson Ramalho – Original and Sleazy McQueen are my favourites. Great package and all remixes are great and it’s great that there’s the instrumental too.

Billy Scurry – Really digging all the interpretations, hard to pick a fav as all are pretty smokin’. Full support for all!!

Jerry Bouthier (Kitsune) – Lovely samples, like the original best.

Causa (Tusk Wax) – Fine package, the Leon Sweet mix is my favourite. Top chugging business!

Stuart Patterson – Original is pick of a good bunch.

Ste Hodge – Dirty low-down goodness – big love xx