DJ Nutritious – Blurs EP

We are pleased to welcome NYC’s Nutritious to Paper with his first full E.P. for the label and 5 tracks of wonky, mutant disco-house. Warped out synths, distorted acid and other fuzzy disco stylings are all present in a psychedelic haze.

I Love Mitsubishis is a 7 am sludge disco chugger and a love letter to the *ahem* famous Japanese car manufacturer. The track comes on like an ALFOS fever dream with whacked out bleeps and squeaks, and an underlying groovy as heck bass line.

Erewhon is a much smoother affair that is slo-mo, spacey and a little bit 90s; perfect for for sunsets and early door alike.

Prince Shoes is straight up funk disco with popping bass, synth runs and a sleazy beat. The vocoder voice breakdown tops this off into a jazz-funk bomb.

I Don’t Mind goes straight in with electro funk stabs, broken beats and a chopped up, pitched vocal but with soul leanings. One to roll out the lino for some poppin’ n lockin’.

Finally, Faith 909 is a deep, cold wave, hypnotic techno cut fused with rolling bass and a whole load of cosmic. There’s a simple vocal shot hook as the tracks sucks you in to it’s world.


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Benny Pitcher – Rebirth EP


Benny Pitcher made a guest appearance Paper with a scene stealing track on The Wild Army Vol.6 so we asked him to do us an EP, and he’s delivered two tracks of absolute fire.

Buckle up for ‘So Good’ at festivals and dance floors this summer as it’s got BANGER written all over it. Fabulous production, a rolling disco bass line, acid tweaks and drums that pack a punch, all tied together with gospel vocals and stylings. Peak time or mood changer, whatever the occasion, this fits the bill.

Lips Like Roses takes things deep and psychedelic with a bottom end that should test the biggest rigs. Broken beats, synth arps, a trippy atmosphere and a vocal take this subterranean and the perfect foil to So Good.

Sally Rodgers (A Man Called Adam): “Ooh yes, I’m liking this. So Good original mix is the one for me but 2 strong tracks”

Daco: “So Good, So Fabulous!! Summertime Grooves for real”

James Rod: “Amazing I will play it for sure!”


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Rave-enka – Bølgen EP

Well, it has indeed been a while, but we are turbo excited to announce the return of our fave tweaky disco acid squelched drenched Viking Rave-Enka makes a triumphant return to the Paper fold! Bølgen is a 4-track E.P. of absolute top shelf vintage single malt style scenarios and fully highlights the amazing sounds from the dance floors of Norway. Even more amazing is that, for once, not one of his tracks is hitting the 10-minute mark!

Ta Pass opens up and is an absolute certified BANGER! Cut up disco loop, filtered out & filtered in kick drum, spaced out synths and a cowbell. It’s that simple, and that is blooming amazing. Top marks.

Inn For Landingfully doffs its cap to the late 90’s sound of France and is reminiscent of Daft Punk before they got too much money. Filtered house finesse with fully cosmic-laced disco synths all over a 4 bar loop. So simple you wished you’d done it, but you didn’t.

Holder Tråden keeps the simple formula as previous, clever cut-up sample with a walloping kick drum and warped-out vocal. One for the Derrick Carter bumpty bumpty cartel & filtered house fanatics.powerhouse banger!

Bølgen keeps it cut up & choppy whilst packing bags of disco thrust. No stressing, no messing it’s just straight up house that jacks, slaps & defies you not to groove n move.

Hetetakter closes things off with its warped & wonky house music journey. Cut up disco that’s sliced beyond recognition and with just enough kick drum drop outs to tantalise & tease throughout. This is packing bags of energy & whallop! Oh and its also got a flute in there too…bonus!



Disco Rogues – Deep Point

The Disco Rogues are back on Paper with a follow up release to their excellent Funk Moves and this sophomore E.P. If late night jacking and chugging dance floor action is your thing, step this way.

‘Deep Point’ is a murky and mucky slice of after-hours house music that has a locked down, heavy groove that is perfect for setting the scene or slowing things down when it’s getting twisted.

‘IF’ is a cinematic hazy highlight that is hypnotic, psychedelic and aimed at the cosmos. Swirling synths and pads wrap around a hook synth stab to create something between 90s Balearica and a lost John Hughes soundtrack.

‘Let It All Go’ keeps it deep and and trippy with layered synths, guitars, pads and more to create a journey into the outer reaches of above and beyond. What a trip!

‘You’ve Got The’ closes off the package and sits perfectly into that ‘classic Paper’ deep house sound (yeah, we did it before it was all man bags and beards!). There are stubby chords, chopped up guitars, rolling bass and snappy percussion with just a hint of disco peppered over the top to keep things sweet. This beauty will test the bass bins early doors and fill the floor while it’s at it.

Fingerman: “Lovely warm bleepy goodness. Will support these!”

Alice Palace: “Lovely EP, all about Deep Point for me. Can see that getting rinsed”

From Beyond: “Lovely deep stuff. Deep Point is the one for me!”



Paper Cuts Vol.6

After 28 years, Paper Recordings is still releasing music with the same enthusiasm as those bushy tailed youths of the 90s. Deep house, disco and Balearic is the name of the game, with the label’s never compromised stamp of quality running through it like a stick of Blackpool rock.

Volume 6 of the Paper Cuts compilation features releases from the summer of ’21 to ’22 with New Zealand, Norway, USA, South Africa, Mexico, Malaysia, Eastern Europe and of course the North of England all representing. All bangers with tracks to rock the party, the warm-up and the afters from the Paper family.


Sean Johnston: “All killer!”

Alice Palace: “Quality selection of releases from Paper as always”
Jaegerossa: “Some belters here! Like this a lot!”
The Secret Soul Society: “Proper crackerz all round – tasty!”



The Wild Kiwi Army Vol. 7

If you thought the Kiwis were a friendly, genial bunch then think again, The Wild Army has gone down under to rob, steal, conquer and plunder.

Max Maxwell’s Always Right In goes in with some bouncing big room house made to be heard on a big rig. Squelching bass, spoken word, smooth production and a breakdown for peak time as the delayed synths wonk out.

Marcos Alonso’s remix ups the wobble and squelch but makes it a more heads-down affair. Proper nailed down, deep house music that delivers.

Nick Munday goes techno with acid bass, arpeggiated arps, MPC drums and a whole heap of machine soul. One for the heads, the dancers and the ravers.

Marcos’ Piece Of The Puzzle is subterranean house music that wobbles, burbles and slides along, driven by rhythm guitar. Synth melodies, SFX vocal snippets and smooth production go late night.

Paper artist Kennedy takes Piece of the Puzzle, keeping things low and slow but adding a bit of extra fizz. Warped vocals take things leftfield.


Anthony Mansfield – Tidy sleaze right there

Inland Knights – Great stuff

Harri (Sub Club) – Liking, will play and support

Aldrin Zouk – Tasty package of deep cuts. Thanks!




The Secret Soul Society – Oh People

The Balearic mean machine, Cal Gibson, is back on Paper with five tracks of leftfield, soulful electronica to warm the darkest of days.

Boo Boo 4 Sure takes pitched-down disco beats and lush chords for a track aimed at the stars.

Oh People’s vocal sample is laid over a super late night, neon electronic jam for pure deep soul.

Stay is Balearic folk for deep waters as the vocal refrain gets turned around and dubbed into the cosmos.

Sooner of Later keeps it psychedelic and late night with tripped-out delays, wonky vocals and buried jazzy electronics.

Finally, Ache All Over cycles a vocal sample over filtered samples and a 4/4 sub kick with all kinds of studio black magic.

Doc L. Junior: “So cosy. I like it a lot!”

Danielle Moore: “Yeah really like this. Lovely sample usage and gorgeous flow”

Chris Coco: “Lovely vibes as usual from SSS”

Sally Rogers/Man Called Adam: “Nice chilled release. Boo Boo 4 sure and Ache all over are the tracks for me”

Alice Palace: “Dreamy selection of Balearic goodness!”



Trash The Wax – A Decade of Nu Disco

As Frankie sang, ‘and now, the end is near’, which is certainly true for our long standing Trash The Wax compilation series.

Over the years, it has released some absolute dance floor smashers by established names in the art of bangers as well as emerging music makers showcasing their fresh sounds.

Initially, we wanted to establish Trash The Wax outside of the ‘kick-hat-snare stuck over a Sister Sledge sample’ style edits that were dropping weekly. The result was a collection of cuts aimed at the dance floor, which would also appeal to fans of electronic music. But all things come to an end, and with this 10th release, we are finishing on a high. As expected, there are disco ticklers aplenty from renowned party people such as Late Nite Tuff Guy, Ed Wizard, Bill Brewster, Pablo & Shoey, Danny Russell & Ronald Christoph and Yam Who.

Tracks such as Leon Sweet’s Sunny Bigler made their way into the record boxes of the likes of Luke Unabomber, Maurice Fulton and Chris Duckenfield as well as the airwaves of 6Music. Deckard’s rework of the theme from ‘The Warriors’ created scenes at ALFOS in Glasgow with Sean Johnston saying, ‘I’ve never seen as many shirtless middle age blokes go as mental as they did when that dropped!’

On a more twisted gutter style disco tip, there is Richard Seaborne’s ‘ Is This Acid?’ which topped the Paper best ever sellers on Beatport for months, Richard Norris’s ‘Glow’ is textbook space disco, the low slung sludge of James Rod & Aleito’s ‘Raum 909’ and the Speak & Spell narrated Acidisco by Andy Buchan. There are also two brand new cuts from TTW family members Boblebad & D.S.D., plus more killer music than we can shake a disco stick at. The phrase ‘all hitters and no shitters’ has never been more apt.

D.S.D. – Salty EP

D.S.D. serves up a brand new EP of nu-disco slammers to brighten up the darkest nights.

Think Of You kicks things off with a 5th synth riff, niggling acid and solid nu-disco drums in perfect combination. Deep, hypnotic and ideal for any set, any time.

Flash Atkins and 2 Billion Beats take Think of You and give it some oomph. The riff is amped up, drums are toughened and tension builds to the break before the acid and rave piano produce a hands in the air moment.

Elemental is a mid temp disco chugger pinned down by conga driven drums, a nagging sub and arp. Things build with a piano as pads and EFX cast their cosmic magic.

Just Can’t Stop takes a funky bass, vocal stabs, key and brass samples to create a low slung slab of deep groove. Just when things can’t get any better, the acid hits.

My Heart keeps the spaced out 4/4 funk alive with a wandering bass, trippy keys, big pads, sampled vocals and delayed arps. Late nights and early mornings never sounded so good.

David Dunne: “REALLY strong EP – will defo get it into the show this weekend.

Chris Massey: “All biggies with plenty of swag & soul. Great remix tackle from Flash & 2BB, will support all these!”

Fingerman: “Hard to pick a winner here but the Flash and 2BB remix is a big messmate on the Acid front with Just Can’t Stop just bringing up the rear! Top banana!”

DiscoDaze: “Excellent set of tracks, will defo support”



Jahn Solo’s 70’s Sideshow

Break out the glitter pants and lace up your roller skates as we head down to the D.I.S.C.O. The man himself, Jahn Solo brings his Seventies Slideshow with three chopped up, groove heavy cuts that slam dunk the funk.

‘Show Me Yours’ pops the bass, jacks the piano, Niles the guitars, rides the vocals and goes straight for the mirror ball. Good time vibes all the way!

‘Disco’ thunders out of the gates with driving bass, cut-up grooves and vocal snippets before the brass unleashes a fabulous funk frenzy.

‘Mystical Lover’ keeps the party sparked and ignited with crazy rolling percussion, slap bass, wacka wacka guitars, heavy compression and all the disco boxes ticked to create an absolute slammer of a track, destined to send floors into a disco inferno.