Tonaruner & Private Agenda – Suspended In Motion

Summer is here and with it, a collaboration by way of Berlin, London, Oslo and Finland as Private Agenda and Tonarunur (B.G. Baarregaard) join forces for two tracks of bottled sunshine.

Suspended in Motion is pure balearica with popping bass, 80s synths, choppy guitar, Rhodes and a gorgeous vocal. Superb, stripped back production makes this a must for fans of the White Isle and beyond.

Tonarunur flies solo on Hedonist for a nu-disco cut. Filtered and vocoder vocals, walking NRG bass, keys of all types and synths bring the future funk.

From Beyond: “Awesome release! Suspended in Motion is the one for me”

Danielle Moore: “Really good listening music. Totally playable in my sets . Gorgeous vocals”

Thrillhammer: “Nice daytime vibes!”



Rave-enka – Dypdykking EP

Oslo’s Rave-enka is back on Paper with an EP that translates as the aptly named ‘deep dive’. His trademark dry analogue drums and tech stylings put through the Norwegian wobble filter are present and correct.

Dypdykking goes subterranean with crisp percussion and a sinister bass before breaking to a Detroit pad that builds in intensity before the filters are open and it growls into late night basement stylings.

Drepern wobbles and bumps with a jacking analogue bass and minor synth chords as a pad from the outer breaks the tension.

Lystigheten is all about the lightness of touch with congas that roll, synths that spark and drums and MPC2000 beats. This is equally at home in Detroit or Berlin.

Ladders takes a nod to the 90s with it’s good time stabs and mellow arps and plenty of cosmic stylings.

Laurent Garnier: “Looove this EP!”

Sean Johnston: “Great stuff!

Jim Baron/Ron Basejam: “Very nice Rave-enka sounds!”

Olle Abstract: “Strong EP. Good to have Ravi back”



Canal Del Mar Vol. 2

Paper Wave continues to release open-minded music from across the board, mixing up tempos, genres and the hard to categorise. It’s second ‘best of’ drops just in time for summer.

There are Balearic bangers. Kosmische chuggers, leftfield wobblers and disco nodders from artists new and old. Whether the sun is going up or slipping down over the Manchester Ship Canal, all bases are covered.

Olle Abstract: “Really nice package. Loads of good stuff for different moods.”

Craig Bratley: “Nice, will play a few of these on the radio show. Thanks”

Doc L. Junior: “Been playing Boogie People by The Secret Soul Society since it came out two years ago and I’m probably going to play it tomorrow too. Love it!”

Rune Lindbæk: ” Love it!!!”



Mr Tea – Soul Seeker EP

San Francisco’s Mr. Tea keeps them coming with another four tracks of deep house fire.

Dream Fortress is a disco house banger of the first order. Wobbly bass, messy percussion, samples and arps aim this right at the bullseye and it doesn’t miss.

Long-time collaborator Wonder adds her vocals to the sensual deep house of Soul Seeker. Pure late night sleazyness.

The Touch Remix strips back the original but keeps the early hours dirt. Samples, bass and arps hypnotise as the track weaves its magic.

Running Home finishes off the EP with washes of synths, techy bass and a hooky vocal refrain. Soul, 80s, ambient, 90s and Balearic are all ready for the perfect moment. Fans of Charles Webster will be all over it.

40 Thieves: “I’m in love with Dream Fortress!”

Le Visiteur: “Dream Fortress is ace!”

Bill Brewster: “Like the OG of Soul Seeker”

Alice Palace: “Both those Soul Seeker’s are killer, can’t wait to play them”

Sarah Lazenby (Super FU): “Perfect summer tune to sip daiquiris around the pool and dream you are in arp heaven”



The Wild Army Vol.6

It’s an all house affair on the sixth volume of the Wild Army that has its lasers aimed firmly at the dancefloor.

Lanowa’s Day After Day oozes class as a gospel vocal drops over nailed on deep house. Arps, acid, guitar, sax, atmospherics and crisp production add to the soul as this demands to be heard on a big rig in the heat of the night.

Benny Pitcher keeps on the soulful tip with Rhodes, driving beats and jacking bass as the music weaves its magic and ups the energy,

Mexico’s La Guardia De La Luz gets more dancefloor than his previous releases on Paper and channels the spirit of the 90s. Trance Alemán De Los 90’s builds and hypnotises with a locked in groove as synths and arps create music to lose yourself in.

Finally DSD takes nu-disco tribal with his trademark crisp beats and studio skills over a 303 riff and bass with spacey synth stabs and plenty of EFX.

Mark Farina: “Yep, dig this!”

Alice Palace: “Nice EP, especially enjoyed La Guardia De La Luz and DSD”

Dicky Trisco: “Feeling the Trance Aleman number on this one”

Sean Johnston: “All Great!”


MAde – Wall To Wall Carpet EP

Paper always has an eye on Norway as a hotbed for new artists and MAde come out the starting gate fully formed with a brilliant EP of Scandinavian fjord funk.

You’re The One is a downtempo slice of Northern sunshine destined for Balearic classic status. Lush synths, pitched down drums and a soaring vocal makes this a go to track as the sun dips over the horizon.

Optics ups the tempo with a deep and melancholy house cut that nods to the 90s. Beautifully restrained with a wonky vocal, hypnotic synth riffs and dreamy pads, it is early morning ecstasy music to put a smile on the face of the most hardened clubber.

LA resident, Art Bleek delivers a remix of pure deep house class. Sparkling soulful production drives the 4/4 drums, subtle arps, keys, sax and vocals as they weave their hypnotic main floor magic.

Finally, rising Tromsø star, Third Attempt keeps You’re The One downtempo but strips things back and adds soul. The world fades away and things don’t get any better when this is spinning.


Juno: Their sound is more Royksopp than Todd Terje or Prins Thomas, though their use of colourful synths and clear boogie influences makes them a unique offering.

Daco: “Love the eighties vibes!”

Andy Wilson: “Original mix is very nice but Third Attempt is my fave here, perfect for summer days in ibiza”

Rich Hall (Super FU/Paper Street Soul): “You’re The One OG and third attempt remix for me, bostin”

James Rod: “Genial E.P. thanks for the music!”



Mental Overdrive & Flash Atkins – Where?

Where? started life in Mental Overdrive’s Tromsø studio when Flash was visiting in 2019. Analogue and modular synths were broken out and record collections raided as they threw down and got to work. The result is a psychedelic head trip into the far reaches of jazz and Balearica that comes on like E2E4 if it had been made in Africa. Shuffling afrobeat, xylophone, field recordings and chants hypnotise as the bass locks in.

Manchester producer Daco delivers a mix of pure class with nods to MAW and 90s NYC tribal house. It is a percussion driven track of soulful deep beats as keys and samples ricochet.

Cal Gibson and Mark Limb take things subterranean with their bass heavy BCB dubbed version. Spacey atmospherics delayed broken drums and arps over crisp production make it a go-to for heavy ambience and fans of The Orb.

Rune Lindbæk: “Thumbs aloft!”

Rich Hall (Super FU): “Love the organic percussion and synth vibes on this, beautiful production”

Doc L Junior: “Balearic voodoo-vibes. Lovely combo!!”

Olle Abstract: “Love it. Original mix is the one for me”


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Disco Rogues – Funk Moves EP


Nottingham producers and DJs Nick Kipsy and Dave Holland have been stalwarts of the city’s party scene and come together as the Disco Rogues for a killer four tracker.

Funk Moves is an off-kilter slice of nu-disco that warps a sample around stabbing keys, rock solid bass, acid and wobbly arp.

Chuggernaut takes a left turn into minimal murky territory with delayed synths, arps and bass that is pure darkroom. It’s got ALFOS written all over it

Italia is a more straightforward deep disco with a 90s flavour. Breakbeats, rave piano, throbbing synths and well placed samples take things late night.

The Slo Mo Disco mix does what it says on the tin, stripping things back but keeping it dancefloor.

Danielle Moore (Crazy P): Nice to have something which instantly categorises the sound. Keeps it simple :-) ….really like the tunes. Playable and tasty

Sean Johnston: “Chuggernaut is correct!!!”

Duncan Grey: “Another fine release from Paper. All good but Chuggernaut is the odds-on favourite for the Gold Cup”

From Beyond: “That Slo Mo Mix is the one for me. Chuggernaut a close second. Strong release!”

Disco Daze – “Brillian EP!”

Nutritious – Sold on “murky,” but already had me at “off-kilter.” Funk Moves is my fave here. The type of track I build toward. Love that.”


Ukraine International

Along with everyone else, we are horrified by the current situation in Ukraine and the unfolding human tragedy. We feel that we have to do something, so have put together this fundraising compilation, ‘Ukraine International’.

There is a track from every country on Paper, reflecting the world’s unity in such awful times. That includes Norway, Venezuela, Italy, Iceland, South Africa, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, New Zealand, France, UK, Tonga, USA, Japan and Mexico.

The album will be only available for six months, with all profits from artists and Paper going to charities working in Ukraine and the developing refugee crisis.


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The Telemark Express – SparklingEP

Kjetil Lagesen and Jarle Bråthen’s The Telemark Express are back with two cuts of sublime Balearic fjord funk.

Divine Driveway channels Kraftwerk, kosmische and the 80s by way of the Mediterranean for a chugging late night / early morning track that would be equally at home in Berlin, Ibiza or Oslo.

Sparkling Vibrant keeps it low and late with a broken beat, shuffling percussion, creamy pads and spacey lead. A rolling arp comes in halfway that brings Warp’s Artificial Intelligence compilation to mind as it blends and hypnotises. Deep cosmic space music for those who know.

Craig Bratley: “Hints of the summer to come!”

Sean Johnston: “Yes, I like these very much!”

Massey: “Wonderful, wonderful stuff! Equal parts trippy, cosmic & balearic. Oh and also brilliant!”