Farley Silvester – After Hours


Farley Silvester

After Hours

1. Original Mix
2. Early Mix
3. Late Mix

Two bona-fide heavyweights of the dance scene return to Paper with their second release after last year’s Jam Down Beat Down. Terry Farley helped write the book on acid house and continues to fly the flag for all things quality through Faith and the Boys Own parties. Stretch Silvester is involved with music for fashion and ads as well as concentrating on his “Bring Back The Future” boogie record label.

After Hours is dubbed out peak-time house music that arrives with a thump. The original takes the nagging “after hours “ vocal and sets it over a bouncing sub. Rattling drums keep it driving along along with tripped out keys.

The early mix strips things back with a more wild-pitch bent. Reverbs are used to bring out the drops and that sub keeps bouncing along.

Finally the late mix replaces the bass with a more analogue line and brings in some extra synths. It’s a fine package of quality house music that Stretch and Terry Farley have built their reputation on.


Tensnake – It’s always a pleasure to listen to the works of these guys. I love all versions, but the original is my fave.

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) – Ooo yeah this is large!! Essential house music alert!

Simon Baker – Liking this!! Not sure which mix i prefer! Maybe Late!

Doc Martin – Solid release for sure!!! Mr. Farley gets much love around our way. Can’t wait to play this in Tokyo on the weekend!!!

Rocky – Fabulous.

Dean ‘Sunshine’ Smith – The late mix for me, nice shuffling head nodding business!

Krysko – Reminds me of being ‘heads down’ and ‘flat out’ going for it at 4am in Basics in the late 90’s. This, is a good thing. Ace.

Aldrin Zouk – Diggin’ these hypnotic groove driven beats.

Mitch Davis – Another quality release. All three mixes are solid.

Billy Scurry – Excellent full frontal house assault!! Full sweaty support!!!

The Lovely Jonjo – So flippin lovely, can’t wait to play the late vesion out this weekend.

untitledmusic – Classy

Nathan Detroit – PUMPERS!

Phuturelabs – Loving this EP. Hard to pick a favourite.

Sonny Wharton – Nice vibes – like these alot, thanks for sending :)

Marius Våreid (Full Pupp) – Dancefloor food for the connoisseur.

George Toolroom – Fantastic and will be played by me at every party I play at.

Dubble D – Cool pack of really useful tracks to dj with, thank God some people haven’t forgotten!

Chris Todd (Crazy P / Hot Toddy) – NIce! Like all 3 mixes.

Andy Baxter – Love these.

diskJokke – Love it!

Leon Sweet’s GTTR gets a rosy review in Stoney Roads Blog

Stoney Roads

“Sugary, no holds bar uplifting grooves coming in hot from Leon Sweet on “GTTR.” I don’t know much about Sweet other than he’s “a producer who has paid his dues and has the scars to prove it! He cut his teeth on the free party circuit in the 90s, has been stuck in the middle of a gangster / bouncer showdown in the booth of the MOS whilst DJing and experienced major label meltdown.” “GTTR” is evidence of these chops.

This release has received support from names like Tensnake, Soul Clap, Jacques Renault, and appeared on Aeroplane’s recent March mix. In Vito’s mix, there’s not really a weak track on the mix–and, aside from two hot burners–it’s a list of names that simply deserve more exposure. And that’s what makes Aeroplane’s mixes stand out: music discovery. You can count on new names coming from obscure producers equipped with some serious chops. Leon Sweet is one of the latest.”

Thanks for the support Bary Poppins

RLS launch new Promo Service

Guaranteed DJ feedback

We are now offering this Paper Recording’s promotional service to similarly forward thinking labels that want maximum exposure for their music.

Each release is delivered to a tailored selection of DJs and media; from ‘A’ list jocks to specialist blogs and reliable residents to the hippest radio shows. Our extensive mailing list is constantly evolving.

Using a simple MP3 promo system each EP is sent out two weeks prior to release and we send you 4 weekly feedback sheets with one concluding tracking report to assist with artist, distributor and licensee liaison. Recipients can only download the music if they provide feedback.

The feedback from the DJ & Media movers and shakers is ideal for social network promotion – set your twittersphere alight and build your audience with us.

Great interview with @TheAshleyBeedle in Friday’s Paper podcast

Ashley Beedle - he da man

As a young teenager I was exploring the delights of disco, soul and jazz funk while still desperately clinging on to my reggae credentials. Places And Spaces was/is an album that opened up a whole new world of aural delights. When I played this record for the first time on dad’s record player it definitely flipped my lid to say the least! The production was so lush. Sweeping string arrangements, sultry rhythm guitar, warm bass and punchy horn charts combined to make this what I can only call cinematic, hovering between the neo funk of his 1973 album Street Lady and the proto-disco soul of Earth Wind And Fire.

Aeroplane feels the love from Leon Sweet – GTTR tune


‘GTTR lightens things up with a rough as you like disco sample and the vocals of Christabel Cossins. Vox stabs, nagging bass and congas build to a classic piano riff that does what it says on the tin; smiles all round!’

DJ Aeroplane is diggin’ GTTR – ‘Really Sweet’

Beat Slave Auto Video

Here’s the new video by artist Miles Halpin that is a psychedelic lo-fi journey made using DIY techniques. It was first premiered at West Yorkshire’s Magpie Cinema.

Beat Slave Auto first came to our attention via the great Billy Scurry who heard it on Soundcloud and pointed it in our direction. It’s a super heavy, hypnotic, pitched down slomo acid track that weighs in at over 10 minutes. Straddling techno, cosmic, house, acid and disco, it twists and turns in to what is proper head music.

Jamie L – In The Burg DJ Review

Jamie L - Dj Review


Jamie L gets a 9/10 DJ Review for In The Burg. He’s a mysterious figure of undisclosed origin and history who fits in to the Moodyman / Theo Parrish mold of heavy future disco; which his new production ‘(What We Saw) In The Burg’ nails.

It’s a heavy leftfield groove laid over broken house beats with a filtered bass, samples and deep vibe. The Detroit pad creeps up to the break and filters in and out as the track works it’s way through for locked down dance floor business.

Close your eyes and let you feet do the talking