Daco Mixmag Review

Daco is one of Manchester house pioneers with a rich music legacy, he’s currently fitting in recording his new album for Paper with sailing yachts around the Solent.

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Ny*ak – Stump EP

1. Echoes
2. Mahna
3. Jewels
4. Tenderly

Ny*ak is one of the new generation of producers who are taking their influences from classic house and disco but mixing it up with modern dancefloor sounds and production. Creating something different and original, the music references the past but lives in the future.

Ny*ak has had releases out on Audio Parallax and been getting props from the front liners like Red Rack’em, Cottam, Moodymanc & Aeroplane. This is his first EP for Paper and is pitched down, trippy deep house that pushes buttons, flicks switches and tweeks tweekers!
First up, Echoes takes a heavy analogue bass, simple 4/4 beats, Rhodes by Mark Hand and well placed samples for a classic piece of moody house that subtly weaves it’s own way.

Next up, Mahna keeps the groove tight with nagging bass, shuffling beats, congas plus keys and synths that ride on the jazzier side.

Jewels has a broken groove that builds hypnotically over some haunting keys. It hits the dancefloor buttons, drawing a line from Floating Points to Detroit via FWD.

Finally Tenderly follows the same drugged out BPMS with heavy drums, well chosen samples, Detroit synths and keys.

The Legendary 1979 Orchestra – Love the EP! Really great mix of beatdown deepness and punch in the sound, Andrew’s best work so far imo! Tenderly and Mahna are the picks for me!

Lukas (Futureboogie) – This is some heavy, tripped out shit! I like it!
Good to hear something a bit different. all the tracks are strong and each have their own vibe.

Dom Servini – Mahna is a hypnotic soul/jazz beauty!

Dicky Trisco (Disco Deviance) – Feeling the Motor City vibes on Mahna and the offstep mix n match of Tenderly on this one. Nicely done.

Billy Scurry – Nothing short of sublime, real basement ruffness.. loving the different vibes within a theme, proper proper music for the purposes of getting down!!

Nathan Gregory Wilkins – Echoes is an absolute stunner!!!

Roberto Rodriguez – Beautiful music!
Loving the sample work. Will be playing these!
Out 7th May!

Trailer for the new LCD Soundsystem film

Those NYC music pioneers LCD SS have gone all audiovisual and got togther a doc/film with their mates Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern – We can’t wait to check it out over at Paper HQ

Paper Cuts #1 Has Arrived!

Paper Recordings Ciompilation

So the lovely designed double CD for Paper cuts has arrived and it looks even better than it did on the screen. Grab yours now.



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