Psychemagik -LIVE Saturday 27th October


Hot from their first remix for Paper on the Research – Day by Day 12″, Psychemagik bring their balearic house sound to 2022nq.

Support on the night will come from Paper artists Flash Atkins and Neil Diablo.


£5 advance / £7 on the door

2022nq, Little Lever St, Manchester, M1 1EZ

Archive Reactions from the beginning of Paper………

Whether its Roger S and his late night response or Rocky and Mark the Problems Kids sending banter via our prehistoric fax machine back in the mid nineties these reaction forms are a true sight to behold – kept in a pile and discover after a house move they shine a light on the origins and begins of one of the UKs most seminal dance labels.

New audio format revealed by Apple/Edison…. the iCylinda

The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison on 18 July 1877. His first test used tin foil wrapped around a hand-cranked cylinder.[1] Tin foil was not a practical recording medium for everyday use and commercial production. Within a few years Edison developed wax cylinders licensed by Charles Sumner Tainter, Alexander Graham Bell, and Chichester Bell, as the American Graphophone Co.

By the late 1880s wax cylinders were mass marketed. These had sound recordings in the grooves on the outside of hollow cylinders of wax. These cylinders could easily be removed and replaced on the mandrel of the machine which played them. Early cylinder records would commonly wear out after they were played a few hundred times. The buyer could then use a mechanism which left their surface shaved smooth so new recordings could be made on them. In 1890 Charles Tainter patented the use of hard carnauba wax as a replacement for the common mixture of paraffin and beeswax used on phonograph cylinders.

Into The Valley – Hebden on the Skids

Into The Valley with Now Wave DJs

“Into the Valley” was a 1979 single by Skids, taken off their Scared to Dance album, and is their best known song, appearing on a number of punk rock and Scottish music compilation albums. It reached number 10 in the UK Singles Chart for the week ending 24 March 1979. It was written by Richard Jobson and Stuart Adamson.

Its now an underground dance disco mash up in Hebden Bridge frequented by the likes of Harri, Unabombers and Dennis Jones…..

Research Q & A

How did Research start and when?
Research started way back in 1981. The band originally came together to record an album which was released on the Berlin based label View Records and was titled ‘Laws of Motion’.
Then started playing live shows with an expanded line-up, most notably playing at Heaven in London supporting Bill Laswell and Material.

Is there a concept behind it?
The concept was to create a band with a funk base which could have different soundscapes going on over the top and not committed to one way of thinking.

Who are your major influences?
My influences are many and varied. From prog rock to electrofunk to noise to the New York downtown scene, jazz, blues, soul, house, early hip-hop, drum n’ bass, dub and of course disco (not disco).

It’s been going a long time so has it changed as the music scene has evolved.
The music has changed over the years starting out as more of an improvised jazz-funk outfit (Laws of Motion) to a slightly crazy version of electrofunk / punkfunk (Social Systems) then moving into dub / ambient / jazz / noise territory (The Perpetual City) to the current Disco (Not Disco) phase (Day by Day).

Who are the people involved now?
The current line-up comprises Tim Crowther on guitar, Julian Chown on keyboards, ex-Groove Armada vocalist Valerie Maxfield and myself on drums, programming, samples.

How do you write and produce?
Most of the time the music sort of develops organically starting with the drums. It tends to be more of a group situation with live playing so we would normally use a big enough studio to accomodate that and it’s always nice to be able to go through a big mixing desk. I love to use a mixing desk as another instrument.

What are your plans for the future?
For the future, It would be nice to get a new album done and a return to playing live as well as some dj work.

Do want to remix the next Daco release?!

I would love to remix the next Daco release as it is a totally brilliant track with some amazing vocals.

Paper Anna in a Dress Made of Hair

Anna Greenwood in a dress made of hair.

Hair today, Paper yesterday.

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (well Ancoats 1996) Anna Greenwood held the office together with her superior administrative skills. Those of you on the mailing list will also have had her weekly newsletter that got quite a following. We used to test her on the Paper catalogue numbers which she could reel off against the artist and EP. Maybe it was during one of these tests that she realized, quite rightly that there was more to life.

And here she is all these years later wearing a dress made of hair, looking every inch the popstar and travelling the world as Guilty Pleasures resident DJ.

Needless we are very proud…..and if you see her ask what PAP78 was.