Paper Recommends : Lockdown Special – Flash Atkins

Wild Swimming

I am fortunate enough to live in the wilds of Yorkshire with plenty of access to green space. But as for everyone, lockdown has at times been a slow pressure cooker of anxiety, home schooling, doom scrolling and cabin fever.
I caught the outdoor swimming bug researching our next film project on Gaddings Dam (watch this space). The electric charge of WTFuckery as you get in the freezing water resets everything.
The coldest winter for a number years probably wasn’t the best time to start and its been a baptism of err ice. Subsequently anything above 6 degrees now feels positively balmy and I find it difficult to walk past a body of water without hopping in for a quick tug around.
There are the most fantastic woods at the back of our house and in summer I have had the odd sleep-out. Recently a friend told me they did it in winter and the seed was sewn. I brought a posh bivvy bag and now can be found in various outdoor locations most weeks. The joy of sleeping and waking up in the outdoors takes things right back to basics and makes me not want to look at my phone / laptop when I get back to the house.