Archive Field Recordings

The advent off the internet is a double edged sword. In the minus column is trolling, cat videos and time wasting but on the plus side is access to worldwide radio and long lost field recordings.
The concept is a complicated one with post colonial overtones and exploitation looming large. However, beyond that is a portal in to another time and place that would have otherwise been lost.
The most famous of them all is ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax and you can find radio shows, film and recordings from of Europe, the Americas from 1946 – 1991 on the Lomax Digital Archive.
Hugh Tracey made over 35,000 recordings of African folk music from the 1920s to the 1970s and they have a home at Hugh Tracey.
Finally, one hour of continuous underwater recordings curated by NTS ranging from humpback wales to the creak of a Victorian pier takes you in to another subversive world on the British Library Underwater Sound Archive