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When Paper Recordings met Cottam


For Paper Radio 3, we interviewed beep beatster Cottam.
Here’s what he said :

Paper Recordings – How did you get into dance music?

Cottam – Through an old school friend of mine. I was listening to a lot of 80s soul & hip hop and he broadened my horizons to bleeps, squeeks and boom boom boom! When I started DJing there were bits of everything to be honest. Lots of early Italian house stuff with hardcore, you couldn’t pigeonhole the stuff I played! It was a whole melting pot of all sorts.

Paper Recordings – What gear do you work off?

Cottam – At the moment I just have a laptop. It takes up minimal space plus it’s in my front room where I have 3 children and lots of toys! I do what I can with what I’ve got.

Paper Recordings – What I like about your stuff is you get the groove and then ride it, which is a deceptively difficult thing to do.

Cottam – I think that comes from me as a DJ. When I was playing techno I was very technical and loved to mix & blend stuff for ages, chopping two tracks together to make something new. That’s probably why most of my own tunes are about 12mins long!

Paper Recordings – Do you play a lot of gigs and what is your favourite kind?

Cottam – I go through my quiet and busy periods but it’s going well at the moment. My favourite was about 2 months ago at a venue called Shanty in Moscow. It’s an underground complex that has tea rooms, a restaurant and a bar with a nightclub in the basement.
The night I was playing the club was closed as the sound system wasn’t working so they set up in the restaurant & bar area. I got to play stuff I would never have imagined and the crowd were really going for it.

Paper Recordings – What do you usually play?

Cottam – I can start off slightly techno at around 100bpm, playing into disco and house and picking it up with a bit more acid stuff. Then it’s up to 120bpm for some afrobeat and acid house. That’s my kind of night!

Paper Recordings – You’re playing Fabric again in a few months?

Cottam – Yes, I played there after a crazy Bank Holiday weekend last year. I flew out to Moscow on the Friday then straight back on Saturday for Fabric which was good but I was in a bit of a daze!
You get the crazy weekends then during the summer and later in the year it quiets down.
My ambition is to get our own night up & running all night somewhere. A pub that has a function room so we can do a barbecue in the day and get everyone outside eating, then take everyone inside later on.

Jamie L – In The Burg DJ Review

Jamie L - Dj Review


Jamie L gets a 9/10 DJ Review for In The Burg. He’s a mysterious figure of undisclosed origin and history who fits in to the Moodyman / Theo Parrish mold of heavy future disco; which his new production ‘(What We Saw) In The Burg’ nails.

It’s a heavy leftfield groove laid over broken house beats with a filtered bass, samples and deep vibe. The Detroit pad creeps up to the break and filters in and out as the track works it’s way through for locked down dance floor business.

Close your eyes and let you feet do the talking

Brand New Jamie L Track

After the hot wax that was Jamie L’s (What We Saw) In The Burg, the digital release is ready to drop on Jan 21 with a brand new mix of leftfield disco wonk.

Jamie L – (What We Saw) In The Burg


Jamie L – (What We Saw) In The Burg

A. In The Burg
In The Burg (Havana Candy Mix)
B In The Burg (Cottam Remix)

Jamie L is a mysterious figure of undisclosed origin and history who fits in to the Moodyman / Theo Parrish mold of heavy future disco; which his new production ‘(What We Saw) In The Burg’ nails.

It’s a heavy leftfield groove laid over broken house beats with a filtered bass, samples and leftfield vibe. The Detroit pad creeps up to the break and filters in and out as the track works it’s way through for locked down dance floor business.

Next up, Havana Candy breaks out the analogue and takes things deeper and techier. With a rolling bass and tweaking acid line, it cuts to a Rhodes before filtering down and riding back to the heads down groove.

Cottam steps up for Paper for the first time and demonstrates what all the fuss is about with a very special mix. Clocking in at 9.41 it’s deep, tough soulful house that crosses the 4/4 divide from techno to disco and deep house to soul.

Ron Basejam (Crazy P) – Love the original, everything he does oozes class and this is no different. cottam just shades it though, pitch down wild-pitch shit.
Sleazy McQueen – This is a wicked Moodymann style slice of house music!

Kelvin Andrews – Real nice release, definitely will play.

Dicky Trisco – All the mixes are good. But it is all about the original really. Jamie L has landed. I’m a fan!

Jimpster – Cottam mix is ace!

Erik Duncan – COOOOOL!!!

Kev Beedle – Nice selection of mixes here.

Neil Diablo – Good EP!

Sean Johnston (A Love From Outer Space) – NIce stuff!

Harri – All good mixes here but Cottam mix is stand out for me.

diskJokke – Loving all versions.

This Is Why We Dance – Very cool.

Q-Burns Abstract Message – Good things happening here, leftfield indeed. Cottam the pick for me, and Havana Candy valiantly steps up to the plate. Dig.

Space Ranger – Love the Cottam remix and the original.

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) – Wicked!

Marius Våreid (Full Pupp) – Very good package, love the two mixes on this one and Cottam delivers my fav of them all.

Roberto Rodriguez – Loving these tunes! Mixes are great.

Stretford Dog’s Club – Loving the Cottam mix guys…. :)

Olle Abstract – Really dig the Havana Candy mix. Classic!

Stuart Patterson – ace .. simply ace .. my kinda house.. will play whenever i can ..

The Lovely Jonjo – IN The Burg is amazing!

Ste Hodge – Jamie L is my new hero (sorry Flash). All mixes doing the do – WICKED RELEASE.

sceen.fm to host Paper Radio




sceen.fm is a webradio station presenting 100 % electronic music and club culture to its visitors. The station has been launched in January 2010 and from the beginning there have been a lot of international labels, agencies and artists in the station program. Check out our tunes!

Paper Radio 3 – JULY 2012

Paper Recordings, home of all things deep house and disco is back with it’s 2 hour radio show. It’s got Paper music new and old, interviews with Al Kent, Yam Who? and Cottam plus a mix by Havana Candy all stitched together by head honcho Ben Davis.

[soundcloud id=’51126516′]

1. Proviant Audio – Hey, Let’s Do It! (Jay Shepherd Unreleased Instrumental)
2. The Treatment – One Less Day

Al Kent Interview

3. Universal Robot Band – Dico Boogie Woman
4. Research – Day By Day (Psychemagik Mix)
5. K-Scope – Humanism
7. Jesse Bru – Brain To Mouth

Cottam Interview

8. Jamie L – In The Burg (Cottam Mix)
9. Havana Candy – Last Train
10. Rune Lindbaek – Sin Zen
11. Problem Kids – Meandering Benders
12. Lup Ino – Funsick (Neil Diablo Luv Dub Edit)
13. Bedmo Disco – Illusion

13 – Story – Diva Dub – Story Recs
14- Ejeca – Pushed – Tusk Wax
15 – Havana Candy – Tera – Paper Recordings
16. Pollyn – Sometimes You Just Know (Moodymann Rmx) – Music! Music Group
17. Tego Calderon – Corillo de los Trangalanga (Jose Marquez Rmx) – Basic Fingers
18. Havana Candy – Alji – CDR
19. Trevino – Backtracking – The Nothing Special Recs

Yam Who? Interview



Jamie L – Something Better by Paper Recordings


1 Something Better (Original)
2 Something Better (Dub)
3 Something Better (Flash Atkins Mix)
4 Something Better (Ny*ak)


Jamie Logun has been cutting his teeth in some of the best clubs the North has to offer including the Electric Chair, Southport Weekender and Cutloose listening to DJs like Moodyman, Brennan Green and Theo Parrish.

Those influences have been consolidated into his debut release for Paper Recordings. He has taken a sample and built Something Better into a hypnotic slice of deep soulful disco. It ebbs, flows and builds to the break where it drops before going heads down again. Slo-mo disco indeed!

The dub fills things out with the same elements but more driving distorted drums and Rhodes. An analogue bass is introduced after the break that takes the last section in to subby waters.

Flash Atkins goes in a more minimal tech-house direction but upping the BPMs slightly. With a swinging sub and morphing lead, the mix filters in and out. The keys are introduced and build to strings and arpeggiatored pads before finally heading back down in to 5am deep house territory

Finally Ny*ak uses the sample to go more leftfield with a broken house groove to produce a hypnotic remix with soul bursting out at the seams.

Mr Scruff – The original version of the jamie l is great, lovely heads down late night slo-mo goodness, tons of plays from me!

Cottam : Quality collection of mixes. The original is my fav but only just…. right up my street.

Groove Armada : original is a study in disco minimalism. Digging it!

Bonar Bradberry – THIS GREAT!!!

Jim Baron (Crazy P / Ron Basejam) – Wow, original is giving me a slight dab on. Superb.

Tony Nwachukwu – Killer release! Right up my head knod street!

Untitled Music – Superb EP – one for the mellower sets.

Jonny Miller (Jus’ Listen) – This is wicked, real depth and quality throughout, Flash’s mix especially nice. Great release! Big up the Paper boys!

Scope – More Paper awesomeness.. Feelin all the tracks!

Kev Beadle – Nice vibe to this

Stevie Sole – DOPE!

Q-Burns – Better Days Dub is a wowser. Flash Atkins mix is slightly bouncer and slinks along nicely. Will give both of those a bit of play.

Red Rack ‘Em : My fave thing on Paper for a while. The OG and the dub are doing it for me. Will support on the show.

Le Loup – Great release once again.

Aldrin Zouk – Flash’s remix is my pick.

Billy Scurry – Tip top release this, great moody vibes, just cant pick a winner as all are quite tasty… top banana!!

Stuart Knight – Nice groove, digging this.

Rob Mello – Liking this. All good for me.

Rocky (X-Press 2) – Love it.

Cosmo Vitelli – Flash Atkins’ mix is my fave.