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Untitled – The Wild Kiwi Army

The good people at Untitled have interviewed and got mixes from our Kiwi cousins.


We were gutted to hear we lost one of the Paper family over the weekend so here are a few memories and thoughts.

We first ran in to Soane when we used to go over to New Zealand to play. At first it was the stories; “you’ve got to hear Soane play, he’s the best DJ in New Zealand and is resident at the best club in Auckland”. Man they were right, he smashed the after hours sweat hole that was Calibre every week with his mammoth sets and had them peeling off the walls before spitting them out at 7am. Out of some of these those lost nights was burned a beautiful friendship.

We regularly toured with him in NZ and he came over to see us in the UK where he took the roof off Robodisco and just about managed to get through his set at The Big Chill (due to his getting excited err a bit early, he enjoyed it though!).

We started a project, Troffman along with Dick Johnson and studio sessions have never been so much fun. Watching him pretty much eat the whole menu at the Lytham chippy along with a “lazy sausage” remains the greatest man vs. food I have witnessed. Also hearing the snore off with Pete was a knockout blow within about 30 seconds of him entering the land of nod, I’ve heard quieter road drilling.

He went in to the studio with Miles and Elliot’s Reset; Herringbone and Tropical Snowstorm was the result and those tracks played a big part in the paper sound at that time. I listened to his album Tongan Chic again yesterday and it still sounds bloody great. Tight, soulful house music with enough grunt to rock dancefloors.

Soane was once met and never forgotten, a big man with personality to match. We are proud to have been his friend and feel like things have changed now that he’s gone. Our thoughts go to his family and friends. While we hadn’t seen him for a while he’ll always be with us and live on through the music he left.

Just a few random memories: scrum down on Monday morning after The Big Chill of Soane versus 15, Soane won, destroying all the pool inflatables in the NZ vs. Europe Olympics, those early Lightspeed road trips with Nick Becker and COD, Piha BBQs, Captain Phil Collins, rolling the sausage, the 5 Ps, the frozen Boar rave accessory…and on they go.

RIP Soane, Paper’s Tongan prince and King amongst men.

Go in piece brother.

Ben and all at Paper xx

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NEAT001 (A + B)

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”225″ params=”” url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/570070″]

NZ resident and old friend of Paper, Dick Johnson kicks off his new label Neat Music with Maya Vanya vs. Magik Johnson’s Don’t Need No-One.
It’s forward thinking dance music for those who know, brought to you with Record Label Services and available in the shop NOW!

Leftside Wobble : The Chaos In The CBD is so deep and soulful. Pure nu skool funk flava’s.

Stevie Sole : Magik Johnson Mix DOPE

Kiko Navarro : I think is a good release for all those who like the broken beat and the sound of Bugz in the Attic.

Crispin Dior : I think the vocals sit best with Chaos in the CBD mix by a long way. This broken vibe certainly has a grip.

The Lovely Jonjo : Love love love the original. Amazing vocal bring on summer already.

Aldrin Zouk : Fab slice of primal groove! Instrumental is a perfect addition.

Danny Mac : Rob 3’s mix is the one for me. Dark and moody, love the percussion. In the box for the weekend!

Karoshi : Digging the label ethos and the MJ remix is sweet.

Stuart Patterson : Nice set of varied mixes but good to have some proper variations in there .

Nathan Detroit : Love Dick!! Nice work & original for me.

Murray Richardson : Brilliant, love this 1st release from Neat – solid as you like!